18 distinctive Denver meals vehicles for this summer time

That cannot be denied Colorado has a robust food truck scene. As the summer months heat up, the urge to have a bite to eat outside has grown. While there are thousands to choose from, this list offers a mix of sweet and salty for anything you crave.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Combforts on Instagram

The lowdown: On their Coachella debut in 2017, the trendy waffle pops made their way to Colorado via a food truck. The sweet Belgian honeycomb waffles are supported on a stick with visually appealing and tasty toppings. Some of the most popular waffles are Nutella banana, Cookies and Cream, Fruity pebbles crowned, Churro crunch or strawberry. Check out the Sweet Combforts Instagram to track down this cute truck.

Photo courtesy of The Ethiopian Food Truck on Instagram

The lowdown: This lively truck offers authentic Ethiopian vegetarian dishes made with to order Chicken or beef tibs. The menu offers an approachable way to dip your toes into the world of Ethiopian cuisine, or offer a sense of comfort for those used to each dish. The vegetarian combination comes with three servings of both Curmudgeon (Red lenses), WHO (yellow peas), Gomen with Dinich (spiced spinach and potatoes) or eraser (Curry cabbage, carrots and potatoes). To find this truck, check out the Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of Mike’s Coney on Facebook

The lowdown: Mikes Coney offers the ultimate summer food with a Michigan-style flair. This truck offers Flint and Detroit style coney dogs loaded with chilli, mustard and onion on a steamed bun. With 1950s American street advertising The sign that lights up the truck and snaps a chili dog off that truck offers a bit of nostalgia for a quick meal. To catch a Michigan-style Coney dog ​​in Colorado, follow the Facebook page or check out Truckster – an application that helps locate food trucks in the front area.

Photo courtesy of The Dapper Donut on Instagram

The lowdown: Another sweet treat in the form of Miniature donuts with a stylized taste can be found at The Dapper Donut. These are from California Cake type Donuts are made to order with over 10 different flavors including Peanut butter and jam, Strawberry graham crackers, Drizzle the marshmallow and peanut butter, Chocolate sprinkles or Cinnamon sugar. To track down those bite-sized donuts, check out the Truckster application or follow the truck’s Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of Cyncopation on Facebook

The lowdown: Cyncopation is a local food truck Mediterranean barbecue with Puerto Rican-inspired flavors. The fare includes five sandwiches With three different types of smoked meat (Pulled pork, all-beef hotlink or smoked chicken), homemade empanadas filled with pork or chicken, Nachos or choked fries and tostones (fried plantain chips). Aside from delicious smoked meat, the star of the show is the homemade barbecue sauce. It’s available in both sweet or ghost pepper. To find this truck, visit the Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of HipPOPs on Instagram

The lowdown: This cute truck is dedicated handmade ice cream and sorrel locks with various dips and toppings. The South Florida-based Denver Truck offers the same self-proclaimed trendiest way to eat ice cream. The flavors come in Oreo, Nutella, salted caramel brulee and Mexican chocolate chips among other things, while the dips contain milk, white or semi-sweet chocolate with an endless amount of toppings Almonds and Rainbow sprinkles to caramelized hazelnuts and Salted pretzels. You can find more information on the HipPOPs Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of The Captain Tacos and Sushi on Facebook

The lowdown: This mesh of Mexican and Japanese cuisine has taken the food truck scene by storm. A one stop shop for both Tacos and sushi can be found at the Captain Tacos and Sushi Truck. The menu contains Three different taco combinations of beef, pork and shrimp, nachos, quesadillas and ropes and seven types of sushi rolls. To find this truck, check out the Instagram page.

Photo courtesy of Toby’s New Orleans Po’boys on Facebook.

The lowdown: Toby’s New Orleans Po’boys are in a retrofitted trolley and bring a taste of the south to Denver with Creole and Cajun cuisine. Their specialties may be po’boys, but they also offer snoballs, jambalaya, gumbo, and beignets. Find her by following on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Chile Con Quesadilla

The lowdown: It wouldn’t be Colorado if there wasn’t a food truck to devote to delicious green chillies and quesadillas. The award-winning Chile Con Quesadilla Truck offers eight different quesadillas, four levels of green chili spice, Mexican street corn, Spanish rice and a signature Soup dilla. Follow the Facebook page, which publishes locations daily, to catch this lively truck.

Strawberry mango from Happy Cones. Photo by Kori Hazel.

The lowdown: These New Zealand style dairy provides ice cream in both a retail store in the Edgewater Public Market and in a light blue food truck. The menu offers different flavors per cup or pint. Of a vegan coconut vanilla and salted butter caramel to mixed berries and Mint chocolate chipHappy cones served creamy soft ice cream Perfect for a hot summer day. Please visit Happy Cones’ Instagram page for more information.

Photo courtesy of What Would Cheesus Do? on Instagram

The lowdown: This grilled cheese cart begs the question, “What Would Cheesus Do?” Well the answer is a long list of decadent grilled cheese sandwiches with premium toppings. With approximately six combinations Give or grab some seasonal sandwiches, the menu is full of creative ways to eat an American classic like this Go get ready (Brie, Granny Smith apples, fig jam, caramelized onions, and balsamic-reducing drizzle) or the Something stupid (Homemade corn salsa, smoked turkey with pepper jack cheese, salted blue corn chips and a toasted cumin crema). To check out the menu and location of this cheesy truck, visit the Instagram page or download Truckster.

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

The lowdown: The famous Korean grill in a cup trolley is by no means new to the Denver food truck scene, but has steadily grown in popularity and earned well-deserved praise. There is a cup on the menu Rice, cabbage and sweet potato noodles with a choice of beef, chicken or pork and four levels of spicy sauce. Some traditional kimchi or fried chicken dumplings can be ordered with the dish. To find this truck, follow the Instagram page for weekly updates.

Photo by Adrienne Thomas

T.The lowdown: This list would not be complete without a mention Yuan Wonton’s mobile dumpling truck specializing in chili garlic wontons and handmade Asian dishes. The fare includes chewy pot stickers with pork and chives, Chinese eggplant and Ginger chicken fillings. Follow the Facebook page for weekly truck locations.

Photo courtesy of Migration Taco on Instagram

The lowdown: This vegan taco truck offers a delicious alternative to the traditional taco. The menu contains Seitan roast beef, Grill, buffalo, Chickpea chorizo ​​and fried avocado tacos with beer. The truck is homemade vegan cheese Also used on a plate of nachos and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. To find this truck, visit the Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of The Mac Shack on Facebook

The lowdown: With a restaurant and a macaroni and cheese food truck, the menu is stacked unique additions to an American classic like lobster, bacon, jalapeños and more. Paired with a burger with bacon macaroni or French fries, these cheesy noodles are impossible to escape. Check the cabin’s Facebook page for updated locations.

Photo courtesy of Taco Choi on Facebook.

The lowdown: This truck specializes in Korean grill tacos on a toasted cheese crust. With a mix of cuisines, every taco contains Korean flavors like sweet and spicy chili sauce and Fire chicken with Mexican flavors like Carne Asada spices, coriander and lime. Aside from tacos, the menu offers one Quesadilla, nachos and street corn with cotija cheese and fire cheetos sprinkles. In addition to the smoothly woven cultures of the menu, the Matcha lemonade and bar are made with matcha imported from Japan. You can find locations on the Taco Choi Instagram page or in the Truckster.

Photo courtesy of Bowls by KO on Instagram

The lowdown: Denver’s newest healthy food truck serving do-it-yourself gluten-free bowls with endless creations and five typical dishes. The menu offers a green goddess chicken and rice bowl, Mediterranean steak, Mexican street corn chicken, deconstructed shrimp roll, and a Barbecue pulled pork bowl. More information can be found here.

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