2 males honor Colorado legislation enforcement from subway overpasses

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DENVER – Life can be blurry. The days go by so quickly that it is difficult to remember unforgettable moments.

Often it is the little things that bring everything back into focus.

Nikk Atencio and Cody Graf are on a mission to make sure no one forgets the three deputies of the Colorado Sheriff’s who were recently killed on duty.

You hope to accomplish this through dozens of small gestures that quickly add up to one big gesture.

“You honk at us. They’ll see us out there and honk, so you’ll notice, ”said Atencio.

Atencio has bought more than 100 Blue Lives Matter flags. He and Graf hang them on flyovers across the Denver subway area.

“That’s the beauty of it. They are so high that you can’t help but see them as you drive past, ”said Atencio.

“We made this bridge. We’ll finish this here and then work our way south, ”said Graf.

It’s a gesture Atencio hopes will make a lasting impression not only on his stepson Zeke, who helps hang the flags, but also on the thousands of drivers who zoom by below.

“I just want him to respect authority, respect law enforcement, so that he knows, yes, we can trust the police,” said Atencio.

“I just want to say thank you to law enforcement for what you are doing. We value you and people take care of you. “

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