5 Colorado Springs undercover youngster prostitution investigation – CBS Denver arrested

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CBS4) – Five men were arrested in February in an undercover investigation into child prostitution in Colorado Springs. Police say one of the suspects also conspired to rob the underage sex worker. A sixth man, who was also charged with conspiring to rob an underage sex worker, was also arrested in the case.

The suspects have been identified as:

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  • Patrick Martin, 32, child prostitution recruiting (third grade crime)
  • Joseph Dimes, 31, encouraging child prostitution (third grade crime)
  • Nicholas Fernandez, 42, promoting child prostitution (third grade crimes)
  • Nathanael Martens, 27, encouraging child prostitution (third grade crimes), attempting to influence an officer (fourth grade crimes), and conspiracy – to commit robbery (sixth grade crimes)
  • James Harry, 31, promoting child prostitution (grade three crimes)

Johnathan Guenther, 67, charged with conspiracy – to commit robbery (Grade Six crimes).

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All six suspects were sent to El Paso County Jail.

The release of these arrests has been delayed due to the ongoing investigation, officials said.

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“Protecting children is one of our top priorities. These arrests send a message to those who want to hunt down children, find them and bring them to justice,” said Steven Cagen, special agent in charge at HSI Denver.

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