7 members of the “love has received” cult arrested after mummified stays have been discovered of their dwelling – CBS Denver

SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) – Seven members of the controversial religious group “Love Has Won” are charged with child molestation and body abuse after investigators found mummified human remains in a house in Crestone. The body was identified by a witness as Lia Carlson, the leader of “Love Has Won,” which is named “Mother God” according to an affidavit.

(Photo credit: Saguache County Sheriff’s Office)

A member of the religious group reported the death to the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. The member said the group had his two-year-old son and would not let the boy go.

Investigators received a search warrant and found a mummified body wrapped in a sleeping bag in the house in the Casita Park subdivision. A sergeant searching the house said the remains were adorned with Christmas tree lights set up in a sort of shrine with glittering makeup around the deceased’s eyes.

The man who gave investigators a lead on the remains said he believed members of “Love Has Won” drove the body from California to Colorado. Court documents in the sheriff’s office say they have received many complaints from families claiming the group “brainwashed people and stole their money.”

During the search, investigators found the two-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who were sleeping in the house. Authorities arrested seven people at the apartment who were later identified as Ryan Kramer, Christopher Royer, Sarah Rudolph, Karin Raymond, Jason Castillo, John Robertson and Obdulia Franco. They were arrested and posted to the Rio Grande County Jail in Del Norte. Each was charged with corpse abuse and two child abuse cases.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation will perform an autopsy of the human remains for official identification along with the cause and type of death.

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