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DENVER (CBS) – The Sunday sky should be clear enough for most of Colorado to have a great view of our August full moon! The full moon in August is known as the “Sturgeon Moon”.

File: Photo by Mike Quaintance taken in the Deer Creek Valley above Bailey, Colorado

The moon was named by early Native American tribes in the northeastern United States that month. Folklore says that at this time of year large sturgeon fish are easiest to catch in many lakes.

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This year the August moon is also a so-called “Seasonal Blue Moon”. There are two types of blue moons. They are monthly and seasonal. The month is two full moons in one month.

File (credit: S. Johnson)

The season is a little more complicated. On the astronomical calendar, all of our seasons – winter, spring, summer, and autumn – last three months each. Each runs from a solstice to an equinox. In most years a season has three full moons 30 days apart. This year we had a full moon just a few days after the summer solstice in June. The fall equinox takes place on September 22nd. That makes four full moons possible in the summer season 2021! In such years, the 3rd full moon in a 4th full moon season is referred to as the “Seasonal Blue Moon”.

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Moon Saturday 08/21/21

Moon Credit: Mike Quaintance Saturday 8/21/21

The full moon this weekend will be seen with Jupiter and Saturn. The above photo by Weather Watcher Mike Quaintance was taken on Saturday, 08/21/2021. You can see Jupiter in the top left corner.

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