Arvada Automotive Theft Suspect Arrested After Police Use Block Approach To Finish The Chase – CBS Denver

ARVADA, Colorado (CBS4) – A car chase in Arvada ended dramatically on Saturday morning when officers used their police cruisers as blockers and pushed the suspect’s stolen vehicle against theirs. The suspect then tried to run away, but the officers arrested him.

(Credit: Arvada Police)

According to Arvada Police, several crimes involving the suspect occurred in the early hours of the morning before the pursuit. Initially, the person believed to be the suspect and one or more other suspects attempted to break into a vehicle on the 7300 block of West 73rd Avenue just before 3 a.m. The owner of the vehicle tried to stop them and they fired a gun and took off without ending the theft. Police said the criminals were driving a stolen Kia at the time. Nobody was injured.

Then, at 6:42 a.m., the Kia was discovered at the site of another attempted car theft – the 7500 block on Pierce Street. This time the suspects successfully stole another car, a Hyundai.

The thieves then attempted to steal another car about 20 minutes later, this time on the 8100 block of Kline Street. The owner of the car tried to stop them and they beat this person with one of the stolen cars. The car owner was injured with so-called non-life threatening injuries.

Police said the suspects then dumped the Kia and that police discovered the Hyundai on the 7400 block of West 84. They chased after him until Sheridan Boulevard meets Interstate 70. There they used the blocking technique that caused the accident that ended the chase. Officers said there was only one suspect in the vehicle at the time and they caught him after the chase.

The identity of the suspect who was captured is being held until police complete an investigation into the crimes that morning.

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