Based on Jackson Nationwide Life, 370 jobs in Denver have been misplaced within the shutdown

Jackson National Life Insurance Co.’s exit from Colorado will result in 370 job cuts and the closure of the Denver office. This emerges from a notice the Lansing, Michigan-based company filed with the state Department of Labor.

When the closure was reported on Monday, Jackson officials declined to say how many employees were affected. However, this was made clear in a filing based on the Workers Adaptation and Retraining Act or a WARN notice calling on employers to notify a state when they are about to close an establishment or lay off a large number of workers.

In Jackson’s February 8 letter, which was not received by the state until February 13, Greg Cicotte, Jackson’s executive vice president, wrote that the facility on 7601 Technology Way will be closed until December 31. The first group of workers will be laid off on April 13. Many of the 370 workers made redundant will be offered a move to Jackson’s offices outside of Colorado.

Melissa Hernandez, a spokeswoman for the aging and financial services company, told the Denver Post on Monday that the cuts were due to the company’s expansion near its headquarters in Michigan and another office outside Nashville, Tenn. This growth led the company to decide to consolidate its home operations.

In the past few months, the company has also filed WARNs in Wisconsin, Florida, and California to close local facilities as well. Including the Denver location, this translates into a loss of 591 jobs.

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