Break from the moisture, not the warmth – CBS Denver

After a week of almost daily flooding in many parts of Colorado, we treat ourselves to a short break from the rain for a few days. Rain and storms will continue to occur in the state, just not nearly as prevalent as in the past few days. Much of our northern burn scars will be given a much-needed break from the wet weather.

We still expect some isolated storms in High County and southern Colorado that could cause heavy rains, they just won’t be very widespread.

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Colorado will still remain very hot all week, most likely with more air quality concerns for the Front Range and Foothills. Monday was day thirty-four that summer with an air quality alert for the Denver, Fort Collins, and Greeley area. It was also the twenty-second consecutive day of that warning. Fires continue to rage across much of the western United States and here in Colorado, making air quality a constant concern. As long as these fires continue to burn, we will continue to have air quality issues.

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As for temperatures, we’re going to get to the mid-90s for the Denver area on Tuesday and get close to 100 on Wednesday. Much of eastern Colorado will be at or near 100 by Wednesday. We stay on the hot side all week, even if it rains again on Wednesday and Thursday.

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On Saturday cooler temperatures come with better chances of rain. Next week it looks like temperatures will be below normal, along with higher chances of rain in the forecast.

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