Businessman Craig Greenberg to run for Louisville Mayor

Craig Greenberg, attorney, investor and former CEO of 21c Hotels announced on Wednesday that he will be running as a Democrat in the race for Mayor of Louisville.

He joins a field of candidates that is already filled with prominent Louisvillians.

Mayor Greg Fischer, who is temporary, is currently serving the 11th of his 12 years.

Greenberg left his post as CEO of 21c Hotels last July, almost three years after he switched to the job.

“I think I have a lot of relevant experience to be a successful next mayor who can help unite this community and move us forward,” he said.

In January, Greenberg acquired a controlling stake in Ohio Valley Wrestling along with Matt Jones, the host of Kentucky Sports Radio. The next month, he announced that he would be starting a city revitalization company. Greenberg was a developer at the investment group behind Whiskey Row, a project on Main Street that turned historic buildings into modern restaurants and shops. He was also previously a trustee at the University of Louisville.

In announcing his mayoral offer, Greenberg highlighted a list of political priorities, including restoring confidence in the Louisville police force, helping create “well-paid” jobs, and creating a department of education in Louisville. He also called for the Louisville mayor to be limited to two terms.

Additionally, Greenberg said he would build 15,000 new affordable housing units in his first term, although he did not specify the target rent for those units. A 2019 inventory of housing in Louisville found that the city needed more than 31,000 housing units for the lowest-income households.

In an interview with WFPL News, Greenberg said he will focus on expanding affordable housing for low and middle income families. He said he wanted to develop more rental and ownership units near workplaces and access to improved transportation.

When asked what goal he sets for rental income related to area median income, which measures how low a household’s income is based on the number of people, Greenberg said he would provide more details on his proposals in the future.

“I’m laying out the big ideas today. And I mentioned that I will be focusing on lower-income housing, but also middle-income housing,” he said. “And so I’ll reveal some more details as we move forward.”

Greenberg also praised his neighborhood revitalization experience. He said he defined urban regeneration as investing in neighborhoods to improve them the way residents want them to be. And he said it was “very important” to focus on not evicting the current residents.

He said a focus will be on West Louisville. This area was divested in the past due to decades of racist measures such as redlining and urban renewal.

Greenberg praised the West End Opportunity Partnership, which was formed when Governor Andy Beshear signed House Bill 321 last week. The bill also creates a district to fund tax increases in West Louisville.

Potential challengers Greenberg could face include Metro Council President David James, protest leader Shameka Parrish-Wright, Pastor Timothy Findley Jr. of the Kingdom Fellowship’s Christian Life Center, and Walmart aide Margaret Trowe of Socialist Workers Party.

The deadline for submitting the mayor’s competition is January 2022.

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