Callie’s Hashish Shoppe opens two pharmacies in Denver


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Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe plunges straight into Denver’s competitive weed waters.

The company is less than a week away from opening not one but two new pharmacies in Denver: 3054 Larimer Street and 777 Canosa Court, both former Botanico locations.

The Northglenn-based operation didn’t respond to requests for comment, but a sign on the front door of the Larimer Street spot says the store is closed for renovations. The pharmacy’s website already has tabs for the new Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe locations due to open on June 1st.

The interior of the Larimer Street location is currently undergoing renovation.

The interior of the Larimer Street location is currently undergoing renovation.

Thomas Mitchell

The move triples the number of Callie’s storefronts in the metropolitan area and will be the brand’s first foray within the Denver city limits.

This is the most competitive cannabis market in the state, with pharmacies generating approximately $ 178.5 million in sales in the first three months of 2021, according to the state Treasury Department. But the independent pharmacy company, owned by the Craumer family, who also own Star Buds pharmacies in Niwot and Longmont, has built a loyal following since opening the first Callie’s in Northglenn in 2019, Best Pharmacy for a Stoner.

Both Denver stores will have recreational sales; the Canosa Court site also has an active medical license with the state marijuana enforcement division. Callie’s has not yet announced whether the Canosa Court Store will offer medical sales.

Botanico’s social media posts indicated that both stores were open on April 25, but MED records show that Callie’s took control of the stores in May.

Botanico has been open on Larimer Street since 2009, acquired the Canosa Court Dispensary from Pando in 2020 and named it Botanico 2. Botanico was disciplined by the MED shortly thereafter and eventually agreed to pay over $ 200,000 to the DOR after he was accused of violating marijuana codes in connection with paying taxes and royalties.

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