Colorado Comeback Money Giveaway for Vaccinated Residents Will not Have an effect on Some in Rural Communities – CBS Denver

ELBERT COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) – Demand for the COVID-19 vaccine was high when it first arrived in Colorado, but just months later the state has to hold a contest to generate more interest. Governor Jared Polis revealed details of Colorado Comeback Cash after nearly a week of speculation.

There will be five $ 1 million drawings starting June 4th. If you have already been vaccinated, you have already been enrolled. All others are registered as soon as they get their first shot.

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“We have seen this work in states like Ohio and expect to see the same here. All you have to do is get vaccinated, ”Polis told a press conference on Tuesday.

Some counties do not need an incentive. San Juan, San Miguel, Summit, Mineral, and Eagle counties are the best in the state when it comes to vaccination rates based on eligible population.

The hope is to increase the numbers in the backward counties. Elbert, Washington, Cheyenne, Bent, and Crowley counties are the least vaccinated parts of the state.

Richard Huston has no plans to get the vaccine. Elbert County resident says the Colorado Comeback Cash giveaway won’t change his mind.

“I’m one of those who can’t be bought,” Huston told CBS4’s Andrea Flores. “I think it’s a way of buying people to do something they don’t really want.”

Only 31% of Elbert County’s residents received their first dose. one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state.

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“We don’t have a hospital in the county so a lot of people have to go outside the county to get vaccinated. We only have four registered vaccine providers, ”said Dwayne Smith, director of public health for Elbert County, of the low vaccination rate. “Our residents, the conservative residents of our community, are hesitant about vaccines, and there is also an opposition to vaccines. Some people just don’t feel well, they don’t feel like the vaccine has been fully reviewed or tested. “

Smith hopes the new nationwide incentive will win over people on the fence.

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“What better incentive is there than cash?” Said Smith. “Individual behavior is difficult to gauge in a conservative community, but at this point in time all of the options we have will hopefully incentivize people to receive the vaccine.”

Some people in Elbert County are looking forward to the chance to win $ 1 million.

“I find it kind of exciting,” said Michele Mossberg. “If I can win a million dollars to protect myself and my family, I’m all for it.”

Other residents would rather take their risk.

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“A million dollars is a million dollars, and I’d love to have that, believe me, but I’d rather buy a scratch,” said Huston.

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