Colorado eating places grapple with hen wing shortages – CBS Denver

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Some restaurants in the Denver area are removing items from menus or even closing temporarily due to insufficient chicken wings. King of Wings was ready to close on Wednesday night if the delivery of the wings didn’t arrive before the dinner rush.

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“Very nervous, this chicken shortage lasted a while and didn’t catch up with us. The time had finally come, ”said Eddie Renshaw, co-owner of King of Wings. “These just got here so we should get our order at 9:30 this morning. Unfortunately it didn’t come until 3:30. We had a limited number of wings to start the day. “

Eddie Renshaw (credit CBS)

The popular Wheat Ridge restaurant closed on Monday due to a lack of wings. The demand is so high that a program that arrived on Tuesday and should have lasted a few days almost disappeared. According to Renshaw, it’s not just about quantity, it’s also about quality.

“You see broken bones, huge wings next to small wings. Our supplier says this is the worst in 30 years and we are seeing it. It all comes back to COVID. When COVID hit they were producing too much. So they cut chicken production and now they need to increase production, ”said Renshaw.

King of Wings opened as a food truck in 2015 and since then the cost of wings has doubled. So far, Renshaw and its partner have not decided to raise prices.

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The restaurant heard that the shortage could last all summer, so they will keep working on short notice.

“We care so much and put so much love into this product that we would obviously never let out a bad wing. That’s what we do, we are the king of the wings, ”he said.

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