Colorado eating places might reopen eating rooms and readers will reply to the governor’s transfer


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Late December 30th, Governor Jared Polis announced on social media that on Monday, January 4th, all counties in the state that are currently on the red level of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s COVID dashboard will will switch to orange level. He attributed the improvement in COVID-19 statistics in the state for making the change possible.

As a result, many companies will see regulations relaxed this week. For example, restaurants can resume eating indoors – with a capacity of 25 percent or a maximum of fifty customers. Still, this is a big change from Level Red’s enclosed dining rooms, especially since it is linked to the last call going back to 10pm

But in their Westword Facebook comments on our post on Polis’ move, some readers don’t raise a glass, Jeffrey says:

I see we’re now taking the “pretend it doesn’t exist” option.

Michael replies:

Stay the fuckin ‘home when you’re so damn scared. We adults are fucking growing up.

Adds Sara:

Restaurants should definitely be allowed to reopen. The only thing they’ve achieved is pushing people to private gatherings and places like Walmart. Let them make a living.

Answers Emily:

Nobody drinks, eats meals, sticks forks in COVID holes, spends hours breathing the same air, and making new friends at Walmart …

Counter Doug:

Let them all open. If owners want to set boundaries, this is their prerogative. No more locks. No more face diaper mandates. Ever!

Adds Sarah:

We have to open up. We have already lost too many companies.

Nick replies:

I think the plan is to lose fewer people, not companies.

And the conversation takes a turn, thanks to that from Bill:

Have you ever noticed how many barflies whine about Polis and COVID-45? It’s not the restaurant customers. It’s barflies. They are not restaurant owners per se. They sell delivery foods. It is the schnapps that has such a large margin. Whining bar flies and whining bar owners. IF you don’t like it, go!

Answers Constance:

They obviously don’t know about business owners or anything about business in general.

Conclusion Ben:

Bíll is someone who obviously never met at the bar.

Polis’ announcement surprised many health officials and restaurant owners. As part of the recently launched 5-star certification program, the districts had worked to move the dial down. In the subway area, Arapahoe, Douglas and Broomfield counties had already been approved for the program (in fact, some Douglas County restaurants had already reopened dining halls for restaurants). Denver didn’t submit its application until the end of the year.

According to a hasty clarification by the Colorado Restaurant Association that ended in 2020, 5-star certified restaurants can’t take a double step down – for example, from Level Orange to Level Yellow in Douglas County.

In these uncertain times, however, only one thing is certain: diners can and should bring a glass to this state’s busy restaurant industry – whether it is take-away or a reopened dining room.

See our list of all the restaurants and bars that opened and closed in 2020 here.

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