Colorado hashish firms announce giant acquisition offers and shoppers are responding

It was a big week for big business in Colorado’s cannabis field. LivWell Enlightened Health, one of the largest vertically integrated recreational marijuana companies in Colorado and the state’s largest pharmacy chain, has approved a takeover bid from a privately held Chicago cannabis company, PharmaCann Inc.

And then Boulder-based Wana Edibles announced that it would be acquired by a Canadian company, Canopy Growth, in the event that marijuana is legalized at the federal level.

But in their comments on our Facebook posts of these stories, readers aren’t waiting to share their thoughts on these deals and the consolidation of Colorado’s cannabis industry in general. Says Georgy:

Wow, two big deals were recently announced with companies outside of the state making acquisitions that are sure to have an impact on the Colorado landscape.
Robert adds:
Cool. The five Douche Bros at the top are getting a massive payout, and another major Colorado employer goes under the thumb of a remote investment group with an expected middle finger for employees and clients.
suggests Jordan:
This is corporate for you. I shop in a cute little corner shop, great atmosphere, great product, really decent prices. Comments Dom: Colorado cannabis is becoming a bigger joke every day. Over-regulated (with gruesome “science” to justify this), obsolete and constantly overlooked with criminal double standards.
Lindsay offers: in Austin Power’s voice Yay, capitalism!

Fuck the patients (and even the customers), make a lot of money, start a business, give employees and growers ridiculous wages, don’t use tax money for our state.

Conclusion from Kyle:
Colorado simply failed at cannabis … for patients, for the employees, and for the people. It is used as a piggy bank. Hell, even Oklahoma is better off for its patients, employees, and businesses. What do you think of the current consolidation in the Colorado cannabis market? Post a comment or share your thoughts [email protected]

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