Colorado marijuana gross sales rose almost 25 p.c 12 months over 12 months


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Marijuana sales in Colorado are declining annually, but are still significantly better last year than they were last year, according to the Treasury Department.

The state pharmacies posted sales of nearly $ 206.5 million in September, a slight decrease from August and almost 9 percent less than the monthly marijuana sales record of $ 226.37 million in July. However, the latest DOR figures show that September 2020 sales were nearly 25 percent higher than September 2019 as demand for Colorado marijuana continues to rise.

Recreational sales were over $ 166.5 million in September, while medical marijuana grossed more than $ 39.9 million, according to DOR. This marked the first time since April that medical sales haven’t topped $ 40 million. However, medical marijuana sales have had a strong year overall and are well on their way to their highest year since 2016.

Colorado marijuana sales rose nearly 25 percent year over year (2)

Colorado Treasury Department

Including September sales, DOR data shows Colorado pot shops have had deals worth well over $ 1.3 billion since March, when the nation began closing and preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic have made. At the end of September, this year’s sales were only 106 million US dollars away from the annual record of 2019 – and there are still three months to report.

And next year it could get even bigger: Eight cities are expected to start selling recreational or medicinal marijuana after such stores are approved in the November 3rd election (three of those cities – Broomfield, Lakewood and Littleton – are in the Denver Metro) and legal delivery of recreational marijuana from Colorado in 2021.

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