Colorado marijuana shipments can’t include meals until weed is an ingredient

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Dear Stoner: Can these cannabis delivery companies also supply me with tacos and a Gatorade with that $ 80 weed order?
Power lunch

Dear Power Lunch: Neither state nor city regulations on marijuana delivery have clearly addressed this issue, so we reached out to the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses and the State Marijuana Enforcement Division to find out.

It turns out that Denver is largely following the example of the state in regulating the supply of marijuana, and they both have the same policy here – which, unsurprisingly, is boring and restrictive. According to MED, marijuana delivery drivers are only allowed to transport products that are approved for sale in pharmacies, so food made to order is excluded from the equation. And because pharmacies are also banned from selling food or beverages without cannabis, Gatorade, chips and other packaged snacks are also canceled.

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Marijuana deliveries are expected to begin in Denver before the end of the summer.  - ISTOCK / RIDOFRANZ

Marijuana deliveries are expected to begin in Denver before the end of the summer.

Marijuana delivery service owners and their drivers can take restaurant orders and other deliveries outside of the pot clock, according to MED, but that essentially makes one job two. Looks like you have to keep paying two different drivers or deal with one of those cravings before indulging in the other.

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