Colorado supervisor Walt Weiss, who grew up in Suffern, lives the mile-long life with the Rockies

Weiss’s mother and father, who owned the Wizard of Vid, a popular video store in Mahwah, New Jersey, raised the family in a two-story brick house on Sylvan Way above the fence in the parking lot at Good Samaritan Hospital. Walt learned to play on the sand courts of the sleepy village and excelled in all sports. As a Little Leaguer, he went to Yankee Stadium, scraped dirt off the field and promised to play there. At Suffern High, he worked tirelessly on fielding and took the sack of balls home with him to snatch additional grounders from his father after training. On Sundays he helped Bill Weiss’ second job, a kiosk in Grand Central Terminal, selling magazines, cigarettes and candy to passengers.

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