Colorado Weed Dispensaries have grown throughout state strains

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Starbuds started in Denver and has expanded to Jamaica.

Scott Lentz

As the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, Colorado has earned its reputation as the unofficial cannabis state in the United States.

While other states have passed laws to legalize cannabis since Colorado pioneered Amendment 64 in November 2012 – recreational cannabis is now legal in eleven states and Washington, DC – Colorado continues to be a trendsetter. And one of those trends is that Colorado-born businesses are now moving to other states.

Here are seven Colorado pharmacies that are based in the state and have expanded their business to other states and even a foreign country.

Star buds
Shortly after recreational cannabis sales began in Colorado in January 2014, the Starbuds pharmacy chain opened its first location in the state. Today there are thirteen Starbuds locations in Colorado, and the chain has eight medical dispensaries outside that state, including one in Oklahoma, one in Baltimore, and one in Kingston, Jamaica.

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Euflora calls itself “The Apple Store of Cannabis” and opened its first boutique recreational pharmacy in Colorado in 2014. Euflora now operates five locations in Colorado and has expanded into Apple’s home state of California with a pharmacy in Long Beach.

Good chemistry
Good Chemistry started as a medical marijuana company in Colorado in 2010 and began selling recreational products in 2014. Good Chemistry currently has four medical and recreational pharmacies in Metro Denver and one in Worcester, Massachusetts, where CEO Matt Huron has family roots. The company also plans to expand into Nevada, where it already has licenses to grow medicinal and recreational cannabis there.

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