Create your individual 2021 collaboration competition with these twenty Colorado beers

Tango takes two at Collaboration Fest, where dozens of Colorado breweries have come together over the past few years to present new beers made in a team spirit, many of them one-off creations brewed just for the occasion.

But last year’s Collaboration Fest, which was originally scheduled for April 4, 2020, had to be canceled (along with Tango and pretty much everything else) due to the pandemic. Twelve months later, people come out of isolation with pent-up energy and plasters on their arms. And while it’s too early to know if the Colorado Brewers Guild can host a delayed version of the 2021 festival sometime this year, the state’s breweries have continued to work together by the dozen – as they always have.

Here are twenty of the many collaborations currently available on patios and socially distant taprooms near you – and some that will be tapped, potted, or poured in the coming weeks. Find them quickly before they’re gone.

Hoppy Table Camp and Hoppy Table Season
Bierstadt Lagerhaus and Amalgam Brewing
These two Bierstadt “collaborations” with Amalgam Brewing, a very small brewery and blending shop that does not have its own taproom, came on the menu last Friday. The Hoppy Table Lager from Bierstadt is a 3.8 percent beer that has been hopped dry with Motueka and Grüngeist hops. Amalgams Hoppy Table Saison was dry-hopped with the same varieties. The beers are available in cans and bottles to take away in the beer city.

Business secrets Vol. 2
Cerebral Brewing and WeldWerks Brewing
Two of Colorado’s pioneers when it comes to cloudy or juicy IPAs continue to collaborate and collaborate on a regular basis. Their latest teamwork is Trade Secrets Vol. 2, a double IPA with 8.3% ABV that was hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Idaho 7. Bonus Beer: Cerebral also has cans of Brewers Dozen Imperial Donut Stout, made with black Hawaiian sea salt, caramel, and vanilla; The beer is a collaboration with Berkeley Donuts, the breakfast site of Hops & Pie.

Lemon squeezer season
Peak View Brows and Lone Tree Brows
Described as a combination of Lone Tree’s “classic brewing techniques” and Peak View’s “Flare for Innovation”, this 6.8 percent alcohol experiment is a farmhouse ale made with plenty of lemon, vanilla pods, poppy seeds and lactose – the last of these is typically found in pastry stouts and milkshake IPAs.

Create your own 2021 collaboration festival with these twenty beers

26 + 4 = light
Station 26 brows and 4 nasal brows
These two pre-eminent breweries have teamed up to create two versions of the same Helles lager, German-style. The beer was brewed in both breweries with Pilsner malt from the Leopold brothers. Then 4 Noses matured its version in its oak pen for a “subtle touch of vanilla and dry tannins reminiscent of white wine,” says the brewery, while Station 26 dry-hopped its batch with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin, the latter also containing white hops – wine notes . The beers are only available at 4 Noses (in cans and on tap).

Brotherhood leader Hazy IPA
Cabin Creek Brewing / Locavore Beer Works / Tommyknocker Brewery
These three breweries recently gathered in Georgetown to brew Brotherhood, an IPA loaded with 5.5 pounds of citra and calypso hops per barrel. Fermented in Cabin Creek’s oak tanks to get “an extra kiss of vanilla”, the beer shines with 6.6 percent alcohol, according to Cabin Creek, with notes of lemon, lime, ripe pear and tropical fruits.

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New image brewing and station 26 brewing
New Image loves to push the boundaries of style and experimentation, and working with Station 26 does just that. This “Cold IPA” is West Coast IPA brewed using storage techniques. It has great flavors and aromas of Idaho gem terpenes (concentrated hop oils), says New Image, and the crunchiness of a lager.

Cartel on the west coast
Liquid Mechanics Brewing and Westbound & Down Brewing
Both breweries love clear IPAs, and both have their own series of collaborations with other breweries that focus on “West Coast” styles. So it makes sense that they teamed up on the West Coast Cartel, an IPA that has been dry-hopped with tons of nectarone and citra. You can find it in Lafayette at Liquid Mechanics and possibly Westbound & Down in Idaho Springs (call first). Bonus beers: Liquid Mechanics also currently has two more collabs on tap, Liquid Divide IPA with Great Divide Brewing and a dark lager with Launch Pad Brewery.

All stars on the west coast
Westbound & Down Brewing and several breweries
Westbound’s series of West Coast IPAs has resulted in eight to ten collaborations with breweries in Colorado, California and elsewhere. The last two – Grains of Wrath Brewing in Washington and Firestone Walker in California – came out in late January; You can still find them on the shelves of the local liquor stores that carry the brand.

Hear me from Tropical IPA
Our mutual friend Brauen and Fermly
Fermly, a craft brewing quality control, testing, and analysis laboratory run by the former owners of Caution Brewing, has partnered with breweries to highlight its work. The most recent was at Our Mutual Friend, where an IPA was brewed from Norwegian Kveik yeast and a combination of tropical hops for the Pink Boots Society. The beer has notes of guava, mango and pineapple.

Rabbit slope
Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery and Goldspot Brewing
These frequent collaborators recently made an unusual “Caramel Macchiato Blonde Stout,” brewed with caramel, chocolate, and coffee from Huckleberry Roasters. You can find it canned at Jagged Mountain – but if you miss it, I guarantee these breweries will soon be working together again.

Dragon Fruit and Mango Hazy IPA
Goldspot Brewing and Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery
Did i say soon? Goldspot and Jagged Mountain also worked together a few weeks ago on their annual Pink Boots Society International Women’s Day collaboration. The resulting beer is a hazy IPA made with a blend of cashmere, ahtanum, citra, loral, and sabro hops, as well as dragon fruit and mango.

Get caught in the grain
Binnenbier / Evergreen Brewery / Mother Tucker / Coal Mine Avenue Brewing
Speaking of the Pink Boots collaborations, there are a number of them right now, all of which are raising funds for the nonprofit that advocates for women in the beer industry. Landlocked Ales in Lakewood, for example, tapped Gettin ‘Caught in the Grain, which it brewed with the three other beer makers mentioned above. The beer is a Piña Colada-inspired season with fresh desiccated coconut and a Pink Boots hop mix.

Pink cyclone
Luki brewery and 4 nose brows
This Pink Boots collaboration – also using the mix of Cashmere, Ahtanum, Citra, Loral, and Sabro hops – pays homage to PBS in both name and beer, with a whirlwind of hop additions every five minutes A week later, dry hops are added to a Belgian malt bill to create a delicious white IPA with a lot of hop character and tropical, citrus and herbal notes, “says Luki. $ 1 of every pint is donated to the PBS Boulder Chapter.

Create your own 2021 collaboration festival with these twenty beersEXPAND

Our mutual friend is brewing

On the Horizon: Here are a few more collabs to look forward to soon or soon.

Bilsner Pisner
Bierstadt warehouse and Hogshead brewery
Hogshead owner Stephen Kirby and Bierstadt co-owner Bill Eye meet once a year to brew a traditional pilsner at Hogshead, which mainly serves English and draft beers. It will be tapped on July 9th at 12 noon. Yes, it’s July, but this 5 percent ABV beer has a following, so be sure to save your calendar now.

Trail of the dead Kolsch
Relationship between Beerworks and Sire Brew
Ratio Beerworks doesn’t have many collaborations, but it has chosen to partner with two music industry professionals who are starting a Denver brewery called Sire Brew. For their first project, they have a beer with the Austin band … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. A traditional German-style Kölsch, the beer was brewed with green spirit hops. It will be released on Saturday, April 17th at 2pm

Unnamed mixed culture beer
Our mutual friend Brewing and Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
Last Friday, the OMF and Black Project teams came together to work on a “small but fine mixed culture offering with some Colorado ingredients,” including Leopold Bros. floor malts – an OMF favorite in recent months – fermented with a Mixture of home cultures from both breweries.

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