Denver eating places with prolonged heated terraces 2020

From left, Jennifer Steele, Marcie Weibler and Lindsi Despard have brunch together at Acova on Navajo Street in Denver on November 21. In addition to serving to take away, the heated terrace is available to guests for dining. (Rachel Ellis, the Denver Post)

Would you like to dine on a heated restaurant terrace or in a private greenhouse or yurt this season? Under the restrictions of Level Red, these on-site dining options are still possible. And we’ve compiled a list of more than 150 of them in Denver to get you started, sorted by neighborhood.

Although I can’t testify to all of them, just a few weekends ago one made a lasting impression. Prior to the interior closings and the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, a friend and I decided to get dressed and probably go for dinner for the last time, probably for a long time.

We ended up in a highland neighborhood, Acova. While you may know this place better from its longtime restaurant predecessor, Patsy’s, Betsy Workman has been running the new business for the past two and a half years with a clear focus on her surrounding community.

If you’re popping in for heated al fresco dining soon, you may find Workman at the host booth with tape measure in hand (to make sure tables are always properly spaced). The seating on Navajo Street in Acova is spacious with lots of radiators scattered around. And it’s open all day, with dishes like French toast with bread pudding or tamale hash for weekend brunch, and pork with green chili or beer-whipped cod and fries for dinner.

I first fell in love with Acova’s red and white wine slushies, which are served on the same terrace in the summer. But a dirty chai or hot eddy this season is just as adorable as the whole neighborhood operation. Here are other places to try this season.

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Homegrown Tap and Dough, 5601 Olde Wadsworth Blvd.


Annette at Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St.

Comida at Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St.


Canopy, 8 N. Broadway

Postino Broadway, 145 N. Broadway

The Hornet, 76 Broadway

The Molecular Effect, 1201 Santa Fe Drive


Attimo Wine, 2246 Larimer St.

Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake St.

Cherry Cricket Ballpark, 2220 Blake St.

Hapa Sushi, 1514 Blake St.

Snooze, 2262 Larimer St.

The lobby, 2191 Arapahoe Ave.

View House, 2015 Market St.


Berkeley Untapped, 4267 Tennyson St.

Billy’s Inn, 4403 Lowell Blvd.

Hops & Cake, 3920 Tennyson St.

Paris, 4401 Tennyson St.

Bonnie Brae

Campus Lounge, 701 S. University Blvd.

The rooftop terrace at Avanti on Pearl Street in Boulder. (WerkCreative, provided by Avanti)


Next up, 1401 Pearl St.

Blackbelly, 1606 Conestoga St.

Mexican cuisine at Centro, 950 Pearl St.

Corrida, 1023 Walnut St.

Frasca Food and Wine, 1738 Pearl St.

Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar, 928 Pearl St.

Pizzeria Locale, 1730 Pearl St.

Post Brewing Co., 2027 13th St.

Santo, 1265 Alpine Ave.

West End Tavern, 926 Pearl St.

Capitol Hill

Cheba Hut, 638 E. Colfax Ave.

City O’City, 206 E. 13th Ave.

Hudson Hill, 619 E. 13th Ave.

Kinga’s, 1509 N. Marion St.

Luca, 711 Grant St.

Lou’s Food Bar, 701 Grant St.

Mizuna, 225 E. 7th Ave.

Table 6, 609 Corona St.

Vesper Lounge, 233 E. 7th Ave.

X Bar and Saffron Grill, 629 E. Colfax

Central Park

Next door American Eatery, 10155 E. 29th St.

Cherry Creek

Barolo Grill, 3030 E. 6th Ave.

Elway’s, 2500 E. 1st Ave.

Fruition, 1313 E. 6th Ave.

Kona Grill, 3000 E. 1st Ave.

Machete, 2817 E. 3rd Ave.

Quality Italian, 241 N. Columbine St.

Sol Mexican Cantina, 200 Columbine St.

The Cherry Cricket, 2641 E. 2nd Ave.

True Food Kitchen, 2800 E. 2nd Ave.

city ​​Park

Syrup, 1875 N. York St.

The Plimoth, 2335 E. 28th Ave.

The roof terrace in 54thirty, Le Meridiens open-air and heated bar on the 20th floor. (Provided by 54thirty Rooftop)


5280 Burger Bar, 500 16th St.

54. Thirty Roof, 1475 California St.

Blue agave grill, 1201 16th St.

La Loma, 1801 N. Broadway

Red Square Bistro, 1512 Larimer St.

Urban Farmer, 1659 Wazee St.

West of Surrender, 501 16th St.


Le French, 4901 S. Newport St.

Snooze, 5073 S. Syracuse St.

East Colfax

East Fax, 8001 E. Colfax Ave.

Tacos Acapulco, 8890 E. Colfax Ave.

Five points

Good Sour, 2801 Welton St.


Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar, 650 S. Colorado Blvd.

golden triangle

Bannock St. Garage, 1015 Bannock St.

Cap City Tavern, 1247 Bannock St.

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch Beer Garden, 4995 Argonne St.


Postino 9 + Co, 830 N. Colorado Blvd.

Snooze, 700 N. Colorado Blvd.


Cart-Driver Highland, 2239 W. 30th Ave.

El Camino Community Tavern, 3628 W. 32nd Ave.

Fire on the Mountain, 3801 W. 32nd Ave.

Park Burger Highland, 2643 W. 32nd Ave.

Spuntino, 2639 W. 32nd Ave.


Park Burger Hilltop, 211 S. Holly St.

Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park Pub, 2445 Eliot St.


Acreage, 1380 Horizon Ave.

Post Brewing Co., 105 W. Emma St.


Teller’s Taproom and Kitchen, 1990 Youngfield St.

Bistro Vendome has a terrace on Larimer Square, almost like being brought to France. (Provided by Bistro Vendome)

Larimer place

Bistro Vendome, 1420 Larimer St.

Granite Building Bar, 1460 Larimer St.

Green Russell and Russell’s Smokehouse, 1422 Larimer St.

Ocean Prime, 1465 Larimer St.

Osteria Marco, 1453 Larimer St.

Rioja, 1431 Larimer St.

The Capital Grill, 1450 Larimer St.


Lake House Kitchen and Tavern, 8026 W. Bowles Ave.


Birdcall, 1701 Wewatta St.

Coohills, 1400 Wewatta St.

Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar, 1539 17th St.

Kachina Cantina, 1890 Elder St.

Nallens Irish Pub, 1429 Market St.

Mexican Restaurant Rio Grande, 1525 Blake St.

STK Rebel, 1550 Market St.

The Dairy Block and Maven Hotel, 1850 Wazee St.

Greenhouses outside Maine Shack in Denver’s LoHi. (Provided by Maine Shack)


Acova, 3651 Navajo St.

Ale House, 2501 16th St.

Ash’Kara, 2005 W. 33rd Ave.

Next F & B, 3200 Pecos St.

Bar Dough, 2227 W. 32nd Ave.

Brider, 1644 plate St.

Highland Tap and Burger, 2219 W. 32nd Ave.

Kobe An, 3400 Osage St.

LoHi SteakBar, 3200 Tejon St.

Lola Coastal Mexican, 1575 Boulder St.

Maine Shack, 1535 Central St.

My Brother’s Bar, 2376 15th St.

Postino, 2715 17th St.

Mr. Bear, 3301 Tejon St.

The Bindery, 1817 Central St.

The Family Jones Spirit House, 3245 Osage St.

Lonely tree

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, 9535 Park Meadows Drive

Sierra, 10680 Cabela Drive


Lowry Beer Garden, 7577 E. Academy Blvd.

North County, 94 Wallweg

Officers Club, 84 Rampart Way


The Fort, 19192 Hwy. 8th

Park Hill

Cake Crumbs Bakery and Cafe, 2216 Kearney St.

Ester, 1950 S. Holly St.

Tables, 2267 Kearney St.


Barcelona Wine Bar, 2900 Larimer St.

Bierstadt, 2875 Blake St.

Curio (Denver Central Market), 2669 Larimer St.

My God, 3264 Larimer St.

Exdo Event Center / Tracks, 3500 Walnut St.

Hop Alley, 3500 Larimer St.

The place, 2601 Larimer St.

Mr. Oso, 3163 Larimer St.

Park Burger RiNo, 2615 Walnut St.

Smok, 3330 Brighton Blvd.

Stem Ciders, 2811 Walnut St.

The Preservery, 3040 Blake St.

Uchi, 2500 Lawrence St.

Sloan’s lake

Sloans Lake Tap and Burger, 1565 N. Raleigh St.

Whole Sol Blend Bar, 1611 Raleigh St.

South Broadway

Joy Hill, 1229 S. Broadway

Post Chicken and Beer, 2200 S. Broadway

Roxy on Broadway, 554 S. Broadway

South Pearl

Park Burger, 1890 S. Pearl St.

Platt Park Brewing and Gates Deli, 1875 S. Pearl St.

Good luck, 1518 S. Pearl St.

Sun Valley

Mile High Station, 2027 W. Colfax Ave.

Sunny side

The Universal, 2911 W. 38th Ave.

The wolf cutter, 4058 Tejon St.

Denver Union Station at night on vacation. (Provided by Union Station)

Union Station

Citizen Rail, 1899 16th St.

Jinya Ramen Bar, 1710 Wynkoop St.

Snooze, 1701 Wynkoop St.

Stoic & Genuine, 1701 Wynkoop St.

Tavernetta, 1889 16th St.

Terminal Bar, 1701 Wynkoop St.

The Coop at Wynkoop Brewing Co., 1634 18th St.

Ultreia, 1701 Wynkoop St.

Woodie Fisher, 1999 Chestnut Place

University Hills

Junction Food and Drink, 2000 S. Colorado Blvd.

Poppies, 2334 S. Colorado Blvd.

Ace Eat Serve’s heated deck and igloos on 17th Avenue. (Provided by Ace Eat Serve)


Ace Eat Serve, 501 E. 17th Ave.

D Bar, 494 E.

Manzo Lobster and Oyster Bar, 500 E. 19th Ave.

Park & ​​Co., 439 E. 17th Ave.

Steuben’s, 523 E. 17th Ave.

Stoney’s Uptown Joint, 1035 E. 17th Ave.

White Pie, 1702 Humboldt St.

Wash park

Agave Taco Bar, 2217 E. Mississippi Ave.

Charcoal Bistro, 1028 S. Gaylord St.

Fire on the Mountain, 300 S. Logan St.

Homegrown Tap & Dough, 1001 S. Gaylord St.

Max Gill and Grill, 1052 S. Gaylord St.

Washington Park Grille, 1096 S. Gayl


Next door is American Eatery, 14345 Orchard Parkway


Kahlos, 3735 Morrison Road

La Chilanga, 4460 Morrison Road

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