Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce: The top of the 2021 legislative session

The legislation on the Employment Rights Act is coming to an end

A bill that we rejected and kept you informed about most of this session, Senate Law 176, “Law to Protect Opportunities and Workers’ Rights,” was postponed indefinitely on Monday in the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

Senate Act 176 State legislation leads to federal tax breaks for small businesses House Bill 1327

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 put an upper limit of $ 10,000 on the amount of state and local taxes that individuals could deduct from their federal taxes. This restriction did not apply to C companies. As a result, companies organized as transit companies, such as S companies and partnerships, pay higher taxes on corporate profits compared to C companies. This is because transit companies pay taxes on corporate profits at the individual (partner or shareholder) level.

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