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The Denver City Council’s Housing Committee on Wednesday proposed a contract extension that, if approved by the full council, would fund the city’s homeless employment program through the end of the year.

The contract, which the committee passed unanimously, would provide Bayaud Enterprises Inc. $ 705,300 to administer the Denver Day Works program through December 31st. The entire council will hold two final votes on the contract in the coming weeks.

“We saw this program work,” Councilor Amanda Sawyer said on Wednesday. “It adds valuable resources to our community.”

The Denver Day Works Program started in 2016 and offers homeless residents temporary, accessible employment such as event cleaning and street maintenance. Workers participate in six-hour workdays once a week for 10 weeks and receive $ 100 in cash at the end of each day. Food and accommodation are also provided at the workplaces.

From November 2016 to December 2021, the program recorded 1,124 registrations and 765 participants. Of the participants, 337 received a job placement outside the program, according to the city, and 66 received support that resulted in stable housing.

In 2022, 129 new jobs are to be placed with the program. The $ 705,300 contract would benefit 220 households directly this year, 80% of which would increase or receive income or benefits in kind. Of those households leaving the program, 80% would get permanent or stable housing, the company said.

“We’d be delighted and excited to expand our Denver Day Works Program,” said Sue Richardson, director of rehabilitation services at Bayaud Enterprises. “We are always ready to expand in many different places in the subway area.”

Under the proposed contract, Bayaud Enterprises would provide services such as contacting, recruiting, same day work experience, benefit navigation, behavioral health recommendations, workplace reviews, individualized employment plans and meals. In addition, the company would coordinate and monitor all construction sites.

Over 55% of the contract amount would be used to pay wages and salaries at Bayaud Enterprises. Richardson said this was because the company had so many on-site staff to provide support to program participants.

The $ 705,300 would match the city’s funding for the program in 2021. As of 2018, the city’s annual funding for the program has ranged from $ 442,429 to $ 1,025,300.

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