Denver Occasion Firm Declares Not Paying Staff

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DENVER – Diamond Standard Events owner Mark Wonder says he still hasn’t paid about three dozen employees for the work they did a month ago, but he says it wasn’t all his fault.

Wonder says that one of his clients, Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Festival, didn’t pay him on time and therefore can’t pay his workers on time.

“There is a long-lost art in this world today that people say they are going to do something and have the integrity to do it,” Wonder told Contact7.

Contact7 reached out to event organizer Peggy Young, who says she has been in the business for more than 40 years and always pays her bills. She says they agreed to pay 50% upfront and the balance in 30 days.

Wonder says that Young is lying and she promised to pay within seven days, but he couldn’t produce any papers to prove they’d agreed on that timeframe.

This isn’t the first time Wonders employees have sounded the alarm about not getting paid. He hopes to change the narrative by paying his workers as soon as his customers pay the bills.

“I’ve looked at other options, I’ve had people thank god help me and believe in what we’re doing, but that’s the harsh reality, I mean, are we going to move on?” I hope so. I do not know.”

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