Denver Pleasure Shootings Studies “Unfounded”: Police

DENVER, CO – Police on Saturday called the reports “unfounded” following reports of a possible active shooter at Denver Pride.

“Reports of active shooting or interference are unfounded. There are currently no reports of ongoing activity at this location,” Denver police tweeted.

Just after 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, several people started tweeting about possible shots near this year’s Pride events organized by the center on Colfax.

The Center On Colfax also debunked the tweeted allegations of gunfire being fired.

PSA: The security incident at the Colfax Pride Hub center has been resolved, no arrests have been made and no one has been injured. (Long story short: protesting does not entitle you to damage property.) Many thanks to our security team for the quick response!
– The Center On Colfax + Denver Pride (@CenterOnColfax) June 26, 2021

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