Denver Poll Proposal needs so as to add marijuana tax, and readers reply


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Proponents of an election initiative in Denver want to raise local marijuana sales tax by an additional 1.5 percent to fund pandemic research, and it looks like they’ll get enough signatures to bring the proposal to city voters in November.

Recreational marijuana purchases come with multiple sales taxes in Colorado, both state and local. Denver currently has a special 5.5 percent marijuana tax on these sales; combined with a standard retail sales tax of 4.81 percent, which is just over 10.3 percent – before you add the state taxes. Now the Denver Pandemic Fund campaign believes it is time to raise the Denver special marijuana tax to 7 percent, which would bring the total local sales tax on recreational purchases in the city to just under 12 percent on the registry.

According to the ballot motion filed with the Denver Elections Division, that bump would raise approximately $ 7 million annually, all of which would go to the University of Colorado’s Denver CityCenter – a partnership between the Denver CU, the City of Denver, and local businesses – for research pandemic related protection technology.

However, judging from their comments on Westword’s Facebook post on the proposal, most people are not buying the concept. Tyler says:

If you want to tax it, at least fund something that matters (not pandemic research).

Jay replies:

It is already overwhelmed!

Adds Ryan:

Eat shit … it’s almost 27 percent already. that’s ridiculous.

Notes Daniel:

The LA weed tax is 38 percent, and 65 percent of California weeds are sold on the black market. Be careful what you wish for, Colorado.

Suggests Bret (sarcastically):

We support this! Sincerely, surrounding cities and counties that sell weeds. Do it Denver! DO IT!

Suggests Matt:

F *** that. You want to tax something, start with lemonade and cigarettes

Conclusion Jason:

Control more alcohol now. Put the greens off for a while – Colorado does more than booze anyway. Stupid whoever supports this shit !!

Would you vote for this proposal? What do you think of the current levels of local and state taxes on recreational marijuana? Leave a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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