Denver Thanksgiving Dinner 2020: Eating places open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year will be … (surprise!) A little different. But even if your gathering is smaller and closer to home, and includes more video calls than ever, one thing remains the same: you will eat well. If the idea of ​​cooking an entire feast yourself becomes a pre-vacation stress ball, relax. Denver restaurants have your back. Whether you prefer to go out or just need a little help on the home front, the Mile High dining scene is here to save Thanksgiving. From traditional turkey nights to bird-free parties with lasagna, porchetta, and even vegan options, there is something for everyone. And cake. There will definitely be cake too. All you have to do is scan this list, find your favorite, make reservations or pre-order your to-go feast and focus on what you are thankful for in 2020.

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