Driving by Colorado? Listed below are the very best stops to get pleasure from authorized marijuana.

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Denver is still the center of the state’s cannabis scene, but Colorado has even more to offer.

Jacqueline Collins

Do you have a full tank of gasoline and mountains in your head? When the snow starts to melt, driving around Colorado isn’t as daunting as it is in winter, and there is tons of fun even when most of the ski slopes are closed.

No matter where you go in this state, the chances are good you’ll pass a pharmacy or twenty on the drive. Unless you’re from Colorado, there’s no reason not to stop at one (or more): you’re on vacation and recreational marijuana is perfectly legal here (as long as you follow these rules and have a certified driver).

Still, you should know that some popular cannabis user spots are more hospitable than others. Here’s a breakdown of how to get the most cannabis fun possible during your Colorado road trip, with a mix of roadside attractions, pharmacy bargains, cannabis tourism, nibbles, and outdoor adventures.

Border towns
If you want to stock up on immediately after entering the state, that’s fine – and pretty easy, as many border towns now have all the money they can make from eager tourists. Cities bordering Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Utah have far too many pharmacies to serve their residents because they want to serve you! Although a bit pricey, cities like Antonito (near New Mexico), Dinosaur (near Utah), Sedgwick (near Nebraska), and Trinidad (near New Mexico and on the way from) have Texas and Oklahoma to Colorado) all pharmacies. Our group’s favorite destination is Dinosaur, where you can visit Dinosaur National Monument and see amazing fossils just up the road.

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If you really want to experience the Colorado cannabis scene, you must stop in Denver, the state’s capital in more ways than one. Denver, home to over 200 pharmacies and the vast majority of a limited pool of social consumption businesses in the state, remains an epicenter of American cannabis despite recent legalization efforts in major cities. Visit popular cannabis shopping districts on South Broadway, East Colfax Avenue, and Federal Boulevard before trying out one of several social haunted spots or tours – or just head to some of the best craft beer and food in the state.

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Dean Ween's Honey Pot Lounge enables the legal use of social pot in Denver.  - JACQUELINE COLLINS

Dean Ween’s Honey Pot Lounge enables the legal use of social pot in Denver.

Jacqueline Collins

You can’t drive through Colorado’s Front Range without stopping in Boulder, where the mix of weird, realm, and wilderness creates a bubble for stoners. After hitting a pharmacy – we recommend Karing Kind, Helping Hands Herbals and Options Medical Center – take a stroll around the beautiful University of Colorado Boulder campus and visit the infamous area of ​​the past 4/20 celebrations or try some popular Eat and shop at Pearl Street Mall or the Hill. Hiking, camping, and mountain biking are minutes away in Boulder, with easy trails in Chautauqua Park for rock hiking.

Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs
Only medical marijuana is permitted for sale in Colorado Springs, but recreational possession and consumption are still permitted. If you don’t have any friends in the area, drive fifteen minutes west to Manitou Springs, which has plenty of Colorado Springs recreational activities, medical pharmacy / gas station hybrids. Only patients can buy weed in these places, but it’s still fun to see.

For other amazing sites, explore the Garden of the Gods, then check out one of the several cannabis use clubs in Colorado Springs, the only city besides Denver that has tried to regulate social cannabis use. Smoking is normally prohibited, but vaporizing and dabbing are allowed.

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