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(CBS4) – Due to new health regulations in the country, there are no longer any restrictions on indoor events. The change could have a huge impact on the state’s live events industry, which was essentially closed at the beginning of the pandemic and has since grappled with adherence to strict rules.

Almost a year and a half after Miles Higginbotham proposed marriage to his seven-year-old friend Lucia Torres, the couple are now 15 days away from their dream wedding. You’re planning a scenic ceremony at a Lyon venue followed by an intimate indoor reception.

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“I’m very excited and looking forward to the ceremony and the setting too,” said Torres.

Last year, the couple made the tough decision to postpone their original date instead of trimming the guest list and putting people at risk. Since then, planning another wedding has been both exciting and frustrating as the COVID rules keep changing.

“With COVID, I feel like a lot of the stresses were just what the next change will be?” said Higginbotham.

Now those pressures are a thing of the past as the state lifted all COVID restrictions on indoor events this week.

Previously, capacity at most indoor public gatherings was limited to 500 people without prior authorization, with social distancing required if guests are not vaccinated or their vaccination status is unknown. With a few exceptions, face covering was also required at such events.

“I think all of our customers are super excited from now on,” said Donnah Phipps-Hagan, the couple’s wedding planner. “It’s nice to see how the bigger events and bigger celebrations and people really look forward to the partying.”

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Phipps-Hagan, owner of Poised Events, said larger, less restricted events are big news for an industry poised to return. The challenge now is to fill these events.

“Employees don’t necessarily come back straight away because I think there is still a fear of losing this job,” said Phipps-Hagan. “I think it’ll just take a little longer.”

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For Higginbotham and Torres it was worth the wait. You recently added people to the guest list and no longer need masks. Torres estimates that around 90 percent of the guests have already been vaccinated.

“Right now we have around 150 people and we are comfortable with that number,” said Torres.

After a long year of twists and turns, her new beginning is finally just a few days away.

“I’m just excited to see her walking down the aisle and that our friends and family can enjoy this moment with us,” said Higginbotham.

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Counties can still set their own restrictions on indoor events. In Denver, events with more than 2,000 people still require prior approval from the health department.

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