Extra snow is coming to Denver: Participate, say the readers


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Yes, Metro Denver is about to be dumped again. Spring in the Rockies, when it’s almost 70 degrees one day and snowing the next.

According to the National Weather Service report, released just before 8:00 a.m. on March 21, “the late afternoon and evening snow in the Front Range Mountains and foothills is getting heavier and also spreading across the adjacent plains, impacting the mountains and Palmer Divide, but muddy and snow-covered roads are expected in Denver Monday morning. “

The predictions don’t call nearly as much snow as last Sunday (a maximum of 4 to 6 inches is forecast for Denver), but memories of the March 14 storm – the fourth largest in Pile High City’s history – won’t be going anytime soon melt away, as evidenced by the comments (and a video!) on the Westword Facebook page. Says Jo:

I hear we’re getting more snow. Get involved, Colorado! My neighborhood got together last week to shovel and share fun. That’s why we live here.

Jared offers a video with his comment:

The big blizzard lasted about three days and then melted. Have fun pulling hoses on the 4-wheeler. Hopefully we’ll get another one soon.

Answers Sean:

I love it when we get such big blizzards. So many transplants have moved to Colorado in the last decade thinking it never snows here. Maybe some of them will move back home afterwards.

Echoes Andrew:

People who moved here can’t handle it! Bring even more snow!

Notes Richard:

Fortunately, Colorado built an energy infrastructure that didn’t fail and left people freezing in their homes with no running water.

Counter Ben:

The infrastructure cannot handle it. We have 4 million more people and the exact same streets that were crowded in 1990.

Comments Kristina:

Lol, I love the whiners and whiners. The internet has made everyone a chair expert. Colorado, especially March (and April and May as well), is unpredictable. I love the craziness and have a fantastic excuse for owning a 4Runner.

What did you do during the last snow storm? How much snow do you expect from the next storm?

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