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DENVER (CBS4) – Aliziya Oliva knew she was going to get her COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday morning. She is one of 6,000 Denver Public Schools 16 and over to be vaccinated at Denver Health and DPS mass vaccination events.

Aliziya Oliva and her mother Sabrina (Image Credit: CBS)

“I think it’s important to get vaccinated to get relief from the virus,” she said. “It was quick. It was painless. “

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The organizers on Saturday held an event at the Green Valley Ranch. It was the largest of six clinics they plan to hold. It’s a mission that is vital to DPS and Denver Health.

“It’s important for several reasons. One is, of course, to protect them from COVID, the other is to protect the other students, the other people in these buildings and their family members, “said Dr. Steve Federico of Denver Health.

(Credit: CBS)

The students dated, but Denver Health was also able to find enough vaccines to offer to their parents, like Aliziya’s mother, Sabrina.

“I didn’t expect it. I’ve always been on waiting lists and I’m glad I was vaccinated, ”said Sabrina.

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DPS says the more they can prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in their schools, the more committed they can to personal learning and activities. Aliziya says it’s too late for her, she missed her senior year because people didn’t take COVID-19 seriously enough.

“We should have been smarter people,” she said.

(Credit: CBS)

Now she hopes the community will take this opportunity to get vaccinated so that their peers can have a normal school experience.

“It would basically be less worrying if we all followed what we should.”

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Denver Health has more information on upcoming events and registrations.

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