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March ends with a lamb, but while the culinary scene is relatively calm this week, you can still get wine, whiskey, and wood (the baseball bat variety).

Here you will find a selection of the activities in the next few days. Read on over the coming weeks to learn more about eating and drinking. This leads to Westword’s first Feast To Go festival in May.

You won't hear from this guy at the Women in Wine webinar.  You have to look at it, however, as there are no photos of Colorado women making wine.

You won’t hear from this guy at the Women in Wine webinar. You have to look at it, however, as there are no photos of Colorado women making wine.

Courtesy of the Colorado Wine Board

Wednesday March 31st
On Wednesday, March 31st, the Colorado Wine Board will host a Women in Wine webinar to wrap up Women’s History Month. Clara Klein (sommelier at Sunday Vinyl), Natalie McAnulla (wine buyer at HB Liquors), Jenne Baldwin-Eaton (winemaker at Plum Creek Winery and program director of viticulture at Western Colorado Community College) and Ashley Hausman (advisor and Master of Wine) will discuss See industry trends, food pairings and how the industry can become more diverse. Visit the Colorado Wine Facebook page at 4:30 PM for the conversation.

March will end like a lamb (or a law) when Bistro Vendôme, 1420 Larimer Street, hosts a Laws whiskey dinner on Wednesday March 31st at 6:30 p.m. The four-course feast includes a spring-like Scottish pea scotch egg with green garlic creme fraîche; Lamb bruschetta with Munster cheese, blood orange and pickled mustard seeds; and wild boar in espresso mole. Guests will also receive six different Laws whiskeys (including bound and unbound versions of the distillery’s rye and bourbon, as well as bourbon aged in a calvados cask), and the distiller’s founder, Alan Laws, will be on hand to order to talk about the whiskeys drinks. Make your reservation, $ 95, on Tock.

Turkey bread with coriander and parsley.EXPAND

Turkey bread with coriander and parsley.

Mark Antonation

Thursday April 1st
What’s worse: a massive snow storm on opening day or the Rockies’ home opener in the middle of a pandemic? (Don’t answer that question.) On Thursday April 1st, Coors Field welcomes more than 21,000 fans for the season debut of a team without Arenado. If you don’t have tickets but can’t stand to miss out on another time-honored Colorado tradition (sunburn and sloshing beer while the home team isn’t fighting), get tickets to the spectator party and the food truck festival happening at the Beta, 1909 Blake Street, at 11 a.m. You can dine on Adobo (New Mexican and Filipino), Cilantro & Perejil (the rare and elusive guajolote sandwich), Pierogies Factory, High Society, Amore Pizza, Street Side Eats and El Gallo Blanco. Tickets start at $ 15 (food only) and go up to $ 100 (all-day venue access and food for five). Get yours at NightOut.

Read on for future food and beverage events.

Don't do it, dude.  Do not touch the cucumbers.

Don’t do it, dude. Do not touch the cucumbers.

Ashton Ray Hansen

Saturday 3rd April
Boulder County Farmers Markets (BCFM) did not die off during COVID and are returning much closer to their usual opening dates this year – in the case of Boulder and Longmont on Saturday April 3rd. Both markets are open for personal shopping every Saturday through the end of November – in Boulder from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 13th Street between Arapahoe Avenue and Canyon Boulevard, and in Longmont from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Road. Certain restrictions from last year still apply (no dilly dallying, no pets, no petting the melons, no music) and shoppers are still encouraged to pre-order and reserve their shopping / pick-up time. However, alluding to normality, customers are accepted without a reservation (although they may have to wait a bit for entry). Markets will continue to offer roadside pickup and delivery, and other markets are expected to open in May (Boulders Wednesday Night Market and Denver’s Union Station) and July (Lafayette). Full details can be found on the BCFM website.

Aminata and Rougui Dia usually cook French food - but on April 6th they bring Senegalese dishes to your plate.

Aminata and Rougui Dia usually cook French food – but on April 6th they bring Senegalese dishes to your plate.

Courtesy Le French

Tuesday April 6th
Le French in South Denver, 4901 South Newport Street, serves – no surprise – French food. The menu is full of classics like the croque monsieur, escargot, boeuf bourguignon and hearty crepes. Starting Tuesday April 6th, the bistro will serve a Senegalese menu to honor the roots of its owners, sisters Rougui and Aminata Dia (Aminata was born in Senegal; both sisters grew up in Paris). Sandwiches with black-eyed peas or chicken yassa (a preparation made from lemons, onions, and mustard) are available for lunch and dinner. Lamb slowly cooked in peanut tomato sauce and served with sweet potatoes and yucca root; and Tinaali, a vegetarian main course made from sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, creamed corn flour and tomato broth. On April 6th, the restaurant will donate 100 percent of net sales to Friends of Guéoul, a nonprofit that provides scholarships, computers and other resources for Senegalese students. The restaurant will continue to donate 10 percent of sales through Saturday April 10th (the last day the menu is served).

Wednesday April 7th
Spring is the time of year to enroll in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. But what if the idea of ​​getting a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every week makes you want a drink because you’ll never use up that wad of chard that takes up your entire crispier drawer? Good news! Now, with Cocktail Caravan’s Community Supported Cocktail (CSC) program, you can get less “farming” and more “sweet, sweet alcohol” in your CSA. By signing up on the bartending service website you will receive a bottle of freshly squeezed blenders made with ingredients from local farms every week starting Wednesday April 7th. Each bottle contains five cocktails (or non-alcoholic cocktails). Mixers include combinations like grilled palisade peach, thyme and lemon or cucumber, ginger, serrano, lime and basil. The CSC runs for nine weeks and costs $ 144. You can also sign up for summer or fall stocks (also nine weeks, also $ 144) or save by getting the entire season through October 6 for $ 392.

Thursday May 13th
Westword celebrated the Denver dining scene for years at Feast, an annual food extravaganza that filled the McNichols building with tables hosted by local restaurants sampling their best dishes. In light of the pandemic, Feast has morphed into Feast To-Go, a drive-through event at Stanley Marketplace (2501 Dallas Street in Aurora) on May 13 from 4pm to 8pm that once again celebrates the city’s resilient restaurants. At Feast To-Go, you can sample groceries from a dozen restaurants and trucks that we’ve recognized with Best of Denver awards over the past few years, as well as drinks. You can enjoy your goodie bags and restaurant samples over an impromptu picnic or just take them home … without ever leaving your car. Tickets are now available here.

Do you know an event that belongs on this calendar? Send information to [email protected]

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