Girl arrested after falling into headstones in Fort Logan Nationwide Cemetery – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Police suspect a female driver was drunk when she collided with several parked cars and headstones in Fort Logan National Cemetery. Officials responded to the holy site on Memorial Day – a day honoring the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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According to police, the woman wiped the side of two cars in the parking lot before pulling into the law and crashing into the tombstones. It is not clear how many tombstones were damaged or how great the damage was.

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Several tombstones were torn from the ground. Some were broken in half.

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How great the damage was is unclear.

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Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas was in the cemetery when the accidents happened. She says she showed respect for her father.

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Traffic jam to Papa’s grave in Fort Logan. A car is parked between the tombstones. I saw an officer handcuff a woman and lead her away. Hopefully no one was injured.

– Lora Thomas (@LoraThomasCO) May 31, 2021

At this point there were two other women in the vehicle.

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The police arrested the driver who had not yet been identified. She is facing a DUI charge.

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