Glendale would possibly wait as Denver considers transport marijuana


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One of the most interesting urban enclaves in the Denver area could sit out the marijuana delivery game.

A hot target for many in the Colorado marijuana industry because business is legal at the state level, the issue of delivery continues to be raised at local government gatherings. Aurora has already opted for the practice, and the Denver city council is expected to consider the rules for delivery on March 2nd.

Glendale, a city of roughly 5,000 residents surrounded by south / central Denver, will likely see its time, according to Deputy City Manager Chuck Line.

“We are a small town. We want to be pioneers in some things because this is beneficial for businesses and citizens, ”says Line. “I’ve never heard a citizen say they really wanted to give birth, but then again, most of them are literally just a few blocks from a pharmacy.”

According to the United States Census Bureau, Glendale’s total area is less than a square mile, and Line notes that any of its fit residents can walk to any of the city’s seven pharmacies in a short amount of time. While the issue of delivery was casually raised among city councils and staff, the city’s marijuana industry did not address the issue, Line says.

If Denver eventually decides to deliver, Glendale could theoretically allow Denver (and other nearby cities that allow delivery) pharmacies to deliver to Glendale residences, but that would also require state approval. While Glendale allows out-of-town restaurants to deliver to residents, Line advises that allowing marijuana outside of town may not benefit local pharmacies. However, if a Glendale pharmacy in a nearby town wanted to apply for a delivery permit, “we couldn’t rule that out,” he explains.

Although Glendale may not get into the delivery game anytime soon, the city’s pot shops can now apply for a local marijuana hospitality license. Last March, Glendale passed an ordinance allowing pharmacies to set up tasting rooms in their facilities – days before the state began issuing public health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the pandemic has delayed all plans to open marijuana tasting rooms, at least two local pharmacies – the Smokin Gun and the Green Solution – have expressed a desire to do so when the pandemic ends. “We were one of the first to sign up there,” notes Line. Our businesses benefit from this, and our businesses in particular will benefit. “

Several Colorado communities have turned down the supply of marijuana since the state slowly began legalizing the practice in 2020. Colorado Springs City Council voted against the supply of marijuana last year, while Silverthorne City Council did so in January.

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