Greatest Denver Meals and Drink Issues to Do This Week


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This week you get tipsy and do anything: eat pretzels, eat cheese, spell words, go shopping, make more drinks. And don’t forget, Denver Restaurant Week specials will be on sale in more than 200 participating restaurants throughout the week. Dining Out for Life makes it easy to get involved in a good cause. Also, read on through May for food and drink information.

Monday April 26th
Monday April 26th is not only the 406th day of the year of the ancient plague, but also the national pretzel day. To mark the occasion, Rhein Haus at 1415 Market Street sells its giant pretzels for $ 5 all day. Have the salty turns served with horseradish cream cheese, honey mustard, cheddar fondue or obatzda (a Bavarian spread made from soft cheese, butter and beer). Bonus: You will build muscle in your stone lifter arm on the bar. Bottom up!

Be Belgian (ish) at Bruz.EXPAND

Be Belgian (ish) at Bruz.

Jonathan Shikes

Wednesday April 28th
On Wednesday April 28th, Bruz Off Fax, 1495 York Street, is partnering with Truffle Cheese Shop to pair beer and cheese. While the entire dairy will be Belgian (some varieties come from the country’s Trappist monasteries), the beer will be made the Belgian way. Bruz will serve his own non-Trappist versions of famous abbey beers (Single, Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel). Cheese merchant and brewery representatives will be on site to discuss flavor profiles and pairings for the 6pm tasting. Buy $ 30 worth of tickets to Eventbrite.

If you can actually get words you learned for your weekly elementary school spelling tests out of the depths of your mind when your alcohol tolerance has risen sharply in the past fourteen months and your brain has not liquefied (LIQUEFIED) in the same amount of time you can You may clean up on a drunken spelling bee on Wednesday April 28th. The showdown will take place from 6pm to 8pm at Kyu Ramen, 600 East Colfax Avenue. For just $ 10, you can enter the competition and get started with a free drink. After five rounds of words and drinks, the winner walks away with $ 100 (AMBULATES). Buy tickets at Eventbrite and have a great (FELICITOUS) evening.

The five best events in this week's culinary calendarEXPAND

Courtesy Deviation Distilling

Thursday April 29th
In cocktailing, the bottle shot is the money shot. Admit it: who of us didn’t tear a bottle off the shelf just because of the strength of the label? And nobody in town has bottles nicer than Deviation Distilling, 900 West First Avenue. In the monthly cocktail class on Thursday April 29th, you’ll make drinks as well dressed as these bottles – three of them in fact. The $ 40 price tag includes a trio of beverages, a sausage plate, and take-away recipes. Book your slot in class at 6:30 p.m. with Tock.

The five best events in this week's culinary calendar

Courtesy Denver Bazaar

Friday April 30th
Denver Bazaar is slowly returning to its roots as an IRL shopping experience after last year’s chaos and online offering. The rally market, bar and food truck rally takes place every Friday through August 27 at 2424 Larimer Street (near the Ramble Hotel) from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Entry is free, furry friends are welcome, and reservations aren’t even a thing – just show yourself. The food truck range will rotate, but last week’s suppliers included the Ethiopian food truck, the barbed wire reef, the crepe outdoors, the kids table (vegan) and snacktacular. Visit the Denver Bazaar Facebook page for details (including happy hour specials) and the Instagram page for full vendor listings.

Read on for future food and beverage events.

Barbacoa by Jose Avila of X'tabait Yucateco who will be attending Westwood's Peace and Pride Cinco de Mayo celebration.EXPAND

Barbacoa by Jose Avila of X’tabait Yucateco who will be attending Westwood’s Peace and Pride Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Mark Antonation

Sunday May 1st
Now for something completely different: a celebration of Cinco de Mayo that is not led by gringos in fake mustaches and pink sombreros. For the first time, Peace and Pride, a festival of Mexican and Mexican-American culture, will take place in the predominantly Latin American district of Latino Westwood on Sunday, May 1st. From 11am to 6pm, dive streets on Morrison Road between South Meade and South Osceola for a car show and hopping competition, dancing, live music and art (including live graffiti). Of course there are also food and drinks from Cultura Craft Chocolate, X’tabai Yucateco (serves Maya Street Food), Cholo Ass Vegan, Combi Taco and Molino de Westwood (which heirloom does Nixtamal Masa). Admission is free; Please visit the Rise Westwood Collective website for more information.

Tuesday 4th May
Nobody is neutral towards Star Wars. Whether you’re a casual fan, one of the racist jackwagons that got poor Rose Tico off social media and got out of the last movie exercise on fan service, or just someone who wants to cuddle Baby Yoda, we guarantee that You have at least one opinion about the franchise. What better way to put it than on Tuesday, May 4th at Baere Brewing, 320 Broadway, with a pint of C-3 (i) PA and a plate of Tauntaun Tacos? The brewery releases their West Coast IPA in a Star Wars can (glassware is also available), and from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., Snacktacular serves Tauntaun tacos (pork belly, That’s No Moon (a jumbo cheeseburger)) and the Sando Calrissian ( grilled cheese). Reservations are not required. just show yourself. And may the fork be with you.

Thursday May 13th
Westword celebrated the Denver dining scene for years at Feast, an annual food extravaganza that filled the McNichols building with tables for local restaurants to sample their best dishes. In light of the pandemic, Feast has morphed into Feast To-Go, a drive-through event at Stanley Marketplace (2501 Dallas Street in Aurora) on May 13 from 4pm to 8pm that once again celebrates the city’s resilient restaurants. At Feast To-Go, you can sample groceries from a dozen restaurants and trucks that we’ve recognized with Best of Denver awards over the past few years, as well as drinks. You can enjoy your goodie bags and restaurant samples over an impromptu picnic or just take them home … without ever leaving your car. Tickets are now available here.

The Beer and Bacon Classic is back, baby.EXPAND

The Beer and Bacon Classic is back, baby.

Danielle Lirette

Saturday May 22nd
The love affair of adding bacon to everything seems terrible in 2012, but we’re including this year’s Bacon and Beer Classic because literally everything that happened before March 17th, 2020 looks like a million years ago (we stand by our uses from the word “literal”), and also because the event is one of the first summer food festivals, we saw how we returned to a fourth wave / post-COVID / mid to late apocalyptic landscape. Guests are guided along a path to the Kennedy Golf Course at 10500 East Hampden Avenue, where they stop at stations to throw back beer, cider, and pork products. The Classic is promoting full-size bacon-based dishes rather than sample sizes this year. Buy tickets ($ 79 or $ 59) from Eventbrite, where – like any golfer who eats bacon and drinks beer – you must choose your “b” time (11am to 5:30 pm) to deal with the death of beer and bacon to start in March. Visit the event website for details.

Do you know an event that belongs on this calendar? Send information to [email protected]

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