Greatest Strains of Excessive CBD Marijuana in Denver


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Nobody outside of Colorado wants to hear complaints about the problems with buying legal weed, but anyone looking for a particular strain of CBD here can spend a long day searching. Sure, CBD foods and vaporizer products are available – at much higher prices. And let’s face it: some people just like to spin and burn.

Pharmacies have recognized the demand for more cannabinoid balance in their prime. A handful of stores are trying to keep at least one high-CBD strain on their menu … and some of that CBD weed actually tastes good.

To speed up the CBD search process, here are eight of our favorite high CBD strains in Denver, their varying CBD to THC ratios and where to find them.

Pure love
Kind Love is one of our favorite Denver pharmacies, and the CBD strains don’t disappoint. Pure Love, a 1: 1 strain with Purple Diesel, Uzbek hash plant, and Pure Kush genetics, absolutely rocks me, but in a much lighter and more manageable way than the real pharmacy THC giants. I pulled Pure Love joints out at the golf course when my shoulder bangs and crunches. It loosens my body and raises my head to a comfortable cruising altitude that allows me to move away without getting too roomy in public. Really therapeutic and with a delicious blend of chocolate, vanilla and lavender. Don’t you want that much THC? Try Spectrum # 12, a delicious CBD strain from Kind Love with a ratio of 11: 1.

Cherry Hills
Beginners should keep an eye out for that purple glass as Cherry Hills has a comfortable but euphoric high that rarely leads to freakouts. Most cuts are in a 2: 1 ratio, with just enough CBD in it to offer potential medicinal benefits – or at least a calmer mind. Daily users may find the high a little weak, but a hashish set or mixing Cherry Hills with a heavier nighttime exposure provides a solid nightcap, and the light high is great for medicinal users trying to loosen up their stomachs or joints without a stoned mind . We discovered the Higher Grade, Oasis Cannabis Superstore and Rocky Mountain High strains. Several other stores run Cherry Hills, which are grown by wholesale supplier Veritas Fine Cannabis.

A regular menu item at L’Eagle and a growing number of other Denver pharmacies, this Spanish hybrid features a 1: 1 CBD ratio that medical users swear by. I know some patients who use it for migraines and others for chronic pain. You’ll enjoy the physical relief without the muddy or mentally calming effects. The increasing relaxation usually keeps me away from daytime use unless it is time to read or meditate.

Mrs lemonade
This pretty lady, a creation of the Boulder-based pharmacy chain Terrapin Care Station, is a favorite among my THC-intolerant friends. The Wife and Lemon G, two high-CBD strains, were bred together for one of the tastiest 20: 1 strains I’ve tried, with tart lemon and cherry flavors and an earthy backend. Just don’t expect to feel high after smoking it: this strain is about as intoxicating as hemp, despite the fruity smell.

Scott Reach's CBD Ox is best for the night.

Scott Reach’s CBD Ox is best for the night.

Courtesy of Rare Dankness

If the THC in CBD Ox isn’t strong enough to hit normal users (the exposure is usually in a 1: 1 ratio), the terps likely will. Rare Dankness head Scott Reach crossed his beefy ox strain, a mix of Bubba Kush and Stone Mountain (which also contains Bubba Kush genetics), with a high CBD cut he simply calls “Shak”. One member of the Bubba family is usually enough to make me fall: cross it over and add CBD to the mixture and I’ll be down for the count. CBD Ox is a safe haven for anyone looking for relaxation or a little boost towards bedtime, and the concentrate is even more successful. We usually find it at House of Dankness and other stores that stock rare Dankness varieties.

Incredible power
Pharmacies are beginning to see the benefit of having a 1: 1 strain of CBD THC on the menu, and Silver Stem’s attempt to create a three-way link between the ACD / ACD / DC, High CBD Blue Power and Omrita find many fans in Denver for a calming head that slowly transforms into powerful body relaxation. We didn’t see it in a pharmacy outside of Silver Stem, but the chain has seven stores in Colorado, six of which are in the subway area alone.

Desert ruby
A product of Green Solution, this strain has found its way into more Colorado stores, including Emerald Fields, Higher Grade, and Starbuds. According to pharmacies, the CBD content of Desert Ruby is said to be around 17 percent, with the THC content usually below 1 percent. That might technically turn the strain into “hemp” in the eyes of the federal government, but it smells a lot more of pine, pepper, and lemon peel than a rusty skunk fart in a haystack, the smell of most hemp. I like to use it as a bridge, mixing Desert Ruby with stronger strains, and letting my friends who don’t like THC try it out.

Bubba Kush before ’98
Like many high-CBD strains, Pre-’98 Bubba Kush has a high-THC counterpart of the same name. So be sure to check the CBD levels before you take them home. The clinic’s take on the classic night racket, however, is much more therapeutic, with a 2: 1 ratio that gently rocks me to sleep rather than turning me off. Sweet notes of chewing gum, vanilla, coffee, and cherries on the earthy funk make for a fulfilling pipe smoke before bed so I have just enough energy and focus to read a few pages before my eyes get heavy.

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Herbert Fuego is the Westword based stoner and is ready to answer any of your marijuana questions.

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