Greatest THC Vape Pens in Colorado


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Hash pens have built a reputation of their own. For moderate users, they’re an easy way to get high; For longtime dabbers, they’re an upgrade from those silly nectar-collecting days. But while brands are constantly experimenting with the latest extraction methods to introduce more potent and purer concentrates, few have received an enthusiastic seal of approval from regular users.

Here are some exceptions:

Biscuit cake cartridge
Select elite
Select Elite has one of the most consistent, highly potent formulas on the market. Each strain featured remains true to the terpene profile and the effects of the flower, all at an affordable price. Cookie Cake, an indica-dominant cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, is a rare find that feels light but hits like a truck when you least expect it. It’s tempting, but go slow and low especially if you’re not a regular user.

The Colorado grown Dablogic’s extraction process uses only water, ice, heat, and pressure to create one of the purest resin concentrates on the market. The brand’s Badder line is worth checking out itself, and where some brands struggle to match the quality of the cartridges to their concentrates, Dablogic raises the bar. It’s definitely a luxury option, but well worth the price.

Lazercat says it best of its pens: “They’ll never be like a dab, but the convenience can’t be beat.” With its solvent-free rosin formula, hash connoisseurs get a bang for their money with this luxury option – emphasize the bang – and regular dabbers will notice its big, heavy hit compared to most other cartridges.

Bliss disposable pen
Dosist introduced its line of beginner-friendly pens with low tolerance back in 2016, each with a timed dosage of 2.5 mg, which aims to achieve the desired effect. The Bliss Pen – now available as a cartridge and with a THC-plus formula – is ideal for the casual smoker looking for a giggling high without unwanted side effects like paranoia or anxiety. Plus, the practical, sleek design of the entire line is a bit groundbreaking.

O.pen's Craft Reserve line is available in pharmacies across Colorado.EXPAND

O.pen’s Craft Reserve line is available in pharmacies across Colorado.

Courtesy of O.pen

Lemon Skunk Cartridge
O.pen Craft Reserve
O.pen has taken over some hints from Skittles, because in this oil you can taste the rainbow 100 percent. As one of the more user-friendly pens on the market, O.pen stays true to the elements of the natural variety, providing an easy and discreet puff for both regular and occasional smokers. Lemon Skunk’s tangy and fruity terpenes alone make this a must-have, but if you’re feeling down, it will help you get back up.

Cheetah Piss Sauce Cartridge
Biscuit trolley
When Cookies opened their first Denver pharmacy on South Broadway last year, the chain received a lukewarm welcome from local stoners who are all too familiar with hyped branding tactics. But Cookies’ collaboration with O.Pen has produced some worthy cartridges despite their higher price tag. The Cheetah Piss Sauce Cartridge – a tribute to Cat Piss – will have your thoughts ricocheting off the walls before a slightly dazed come-down begins. The soft hits are tempting, but don’t get lost in the sauce with one too many.

Lemon Haze cartridge
The clear
You can count on the Clear to make some of the strongest, tastiest cartridges on the market. With zesty terpenes and a short-path distillation method to increase its potency, it hits Lemon Haze. The CBD Isolate Blend gives you heavy body calming with the mood-enhancing, energetic effects of a sativa strain.

The Airo Pro pods are worth the extra battery.

The Airo Pro pods are worth the extra battery.

Airo brands

Midnight Moon Airo Pod
Airo Pro
If you’re a regular hash pen user, cartridges that require a compatible battery can cause your eyes to roll. But with certain brands, it’s worth the extra money – and Airo Pro with a joint-like smoking experience will put you in a race for your buck. If you’re looking to escape into a creative flow or chilly night, the Midnight Moon offers calming effects without the drowsiness associated with most indica strains – at least for an hour or two before you melt back to earth.

Grandfather Purple Cartridge
Few strains can trigger nostalgia like Granddaddy Purple. This strain was likely one of the first indicas you tried, and you’ve been looking for a worthy counterpart ever since. The Spherex cartridge stays true to the strain’s natural elements: with hazy berry notes and a skunky aroma, it’s ideal for stoners who have turned into oil heads longing for a trip back in time.

Go: Cantaloupe disposable pen
Spring pins
The Feather Company’s Go, Good and Be collection is perfect for discreet use on the go. And amazingly, Feather’s disposable pens actually last until they run out. Reach for Go: Cantaloupe, the sweet melon sativa with a light battery. It’s a reliable option for busy, moderate smokers looking for a slight boost in mood on hectic days.

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