Has Colorado Weed been adopted by outsiders?

Dear Stoner: Have we been officially taken over by faceless corporations outside of the state? All of the big pharmacies – Green Solution, Green Dragon, LivWell – are now owned by other people.

Dear Eldo: Yes, lots of money from California, New York and Canada is buying up Colorado’s marijuana market, but did you ever really know who owned the pharmacies that buy these out-of-staters? And the big marijuana companies that put a face to the name never say or do anything that comes across as authentic anyway.

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The Green Solution cultivates all of its flowers.

Scott Lentz

Most of the larger holdings that have been taken over (or approved to take over) by public corporations and private owner groups have not been popular with ordinary cannabis users. These chains serve tourists and casual users, and that won’t change if a California-based operator based in multiple states takes over. Sure, we’d all prefer our big industry players to stay in Colorado, but buyouts and takeovers have always been part of the game here. Cha-ching.

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