I-70 Reopened in Western Colorado Nice information for Denver firms that depend on the Interstate to maneuver items – CBS Denver

(CBS4) – The Colorado Department of Transportation says crews have restarted traffic through Glenwood Canyon, and this is great news for business owners who rely on Interstate 70 to move goods. They told CBS4 that they are thrilled that truck drivers can now avoid the hour-long detour that has gone on for more than two weeks due to destructive mudslides.

Heinz Silz, owner of Heinie’s Market in Wheat Ridge, drives thousands of kilometers every year to get tree-ready products.

With I-70 closed, his trips to the Western Slope for peaches and other items have become fewer, longer, and more expensive.

“There are two ways to get around and we’ve tried them both. Once you’re charged, it takes 10 hours to get home, ”said Silz.

“We have to do it. We must. Or this place won’t make it. “

Why are there mudslides in Glenwood Canyon in 2021?

Several mudslides and debris flows in Glenwood Canyon have occurred during heavy rains this summer, but none have been as devastating as in late July. The mudslides are a result of the Grizzly Creek Fire that burned up and down the canyon walls in 2020.

(Credit: CBS)

The 32,631 hectare fire left a burn scar on the blackened canyon rim where few plants grew to prevent the soil from eroding during heavy rains.

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