John Denver Tribute upbeat and alive

Bevan Gardiner in Take Me Home. The Music and Life of John Denver.

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Bevan Gardiner in Take Me Home. The Music and Life of John Denver.

Take Me Home – The Music and Life of John Denver
Regent on Broadway, May 14th
Reviewed by Stephen Fisher

John Denver, the popular American singer / songwriter with a string of hits, has always been a crowd-pleaser. Although he died in 1997 at the age of 53, he still has a very loyal following, as evidenced by the tribute concert of Dunedin-born Bevan Gardiner on Sunday.

Gardiner continues to hold Denver in high esteem and presents this meticulously written tribute, accompanied by an excellent selection of images, some of which included photographs of Denver itself.

Gardiner has put together an excellent line-up of international musicians to help him present the concert, including musical director Davey Walker, Glen Bain on lead guitar, Darryl Walker on bass, Allan Cattermole on drums with Georgie Daniell’s gentle vocals running the line- Completed up.

Much of the concert was upbeat and lively, reflecting Denver’s well-known music, but the last half hour dealt with the difficulties in Denver’s life.

This included how Denver was almost a member of the ill-fated Challenger spaceflight, along with an investigation into the difficulties in his personal life and the circumstances of his untimely death.

While these events may be important in Denver’s life, they did not need to be treated in such detail in this concert situation, and the overall performance might have been even more successful if these events had not dominated the final minutes of the show.

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