John Denver’s songs shine in ‘Nearly Heaven’ | highlight theater

“Almost Heaven: John Denver’s America” ​​will be continued in the Center’s theater in Münster.

Photo by Guy Rhodes

Eloise Marie Valadez, 219-933-3365

For fans of troubadour John Denver, the latest production to be seen on stage at Munster’s Theater in the center is a must see.

“Almost Heaven: John Denver’s America” ​​continues at the Theater at the Center through March 22nd.

“Almost Heaven,” created by Denver executive Harold Thau, celebrates the life and career of Denver by sharing various stories of his life and performances of his songs. Certain sections of the story are also told through reading letters, which has been proven to be good.

The show is a charming piece of musical theater and it can rightly be called a revue or a concert rather than a play.

Song for song continues in production. The pieces on the show are a mix of Denver’s playful and poignant selections.

Steven Romero Schaeffer plays Denver in a musical. Schaeffer shows the sympathetic side of Denver and the audience understands better what inspired the singer / songwriter’s music.

Songs that are on the show’s playlist include “Rocky Mountain High,” “Annie’s Song,” “Sunshine on My Shoulders,” “Country Roads,” and others.

Throughout the entire production, directed by Linda Fortunato, fans can truly see how Denver’s music crossed genres from country and folk to pop.

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