Landspout tornadoes hit Colorado Plains – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS) – While the Saturday afternoon thunderstorms brought some good rainfall to part of the greater Denver area, further out in the eastern plains it was a different story.

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Severe storms developed as a weak storm system that was tracked across the state. This system provided enough buoyancy for tornadic thunderstorms to develop.

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Image Credit: CBS4

Several reports of “Landspout Tornadoes” have been recorded from Adams to Morgan County. First developed from a strong storm near the town of Leader.

Image Credit: CBS4

Landspout tornadoes develop differently than most supercell tornadoes. Typical tornadoes form with a supercell thunderstorm that has a rotating updraft that creates a vortex and wall cloud. A Landspout tornado can form in a towering cumulus cloud that does not require the rotation of the upper level, but rather strong updrafts and downdrafts to create the rotating column of air.

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Image Credit: CBS4

Saturday’s storm also produced gusts of wind of 70 to 82 mph! The wind with hurricane force is 74 mph and higher! Power lines were knocked down near Sterling and some of the storms also produced marble up to half a dollar hail.

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