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Salsbury is a former senior vice president of the company

Posted by Alissa Johnson

Against the former employer of the President of Western State Colorado University, Dr. Greg Salsbury, a lawsuit has been filed for racial and sexual discrimination. Although the lawsuit is against Jackson National Life Insurance Company, not Dr. Salsbury, Salsbury is mentioned in an article in the Denver Post relating to the case.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed the lawsuit in the US District Court in Denver. A Jan. 23 article in the Denver Post states that the federal lawsuit alleges “apparent incidents of racial and sexual abuse” and provides several illustrative examples.

The article also mentions Dr. Salsbury, who, according to his biography, worked for the company for 17 years before joining Western, including serving as Executive and Senior Vice President. The Denver Post said the allegations arose after an Atlanta office closed. “Jackson closed his Atlanta office in 2007 because, according to Executive Vice President Greg Salsbury, the hiring pool and staff were ‘too black,’ according to the lawsuit,” the article reads.

Sarah Higgens, director of marketing communications at Western, responded to the article: “An article appeared in the Denver Post this week describing a lawsuit against Jackson National Life for alleged racial and sexual discrimination. Jackson is a former employer of Dr. Greg Salsbury. The article includes a quote attributed to Greg Salsbury regarding an allegedly discriminatory decision made by the company some ten years ago. Greg has been advised by Jackson’s legal counsel not to comment on the matter while a lawsuit is pending. To be clear, the allegations are against Jackson, not Greg Salsbury. “

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