Metropolis Park Farmers Market goals to attach meals producers with Denver shoppers

DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver outdoor tradition is back, another sign of Colorado’s comeback. City Park Farmers Market brought fresh groceries, fresh faces, and pets over the weekend. The market is in front of Denver East High School, directly across from City Park.

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Peter and Margo Wanberg run the Farmers Market and the two business owners saw this as an opportunity to revive an event that was dormant due to the pandemic.

“We always wanted to be here and thought the organization would be a community benefit and just a great way to connect food to the heart of Denver,” said Peter Wanberg.

The couple received a 50% discount on the permit from the city of Denver to keep the outdoor event in mind with one purpose in mind.

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Denver welcomes the farmers market in the City Park District

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“We really wanted to connect Denver neighbors and residents with farmers and food producers,” said Margo Wanberg.

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To do this, they invited more than 65 Colorado-based vendors who produce and sell almost all food. The market also has a few new folds with live music and power yoga.

“We were very happy to introduce them. They are doing a donation-based course and they just believe they want yoga and meditation to be a healing part of our community and they wanted it to be local, “Margo said.

It is another opportunity for farmers to connect with customers and help bring food to the dining table.

“We’re really here to develop relationships with our community and to let people know that their procurement money, their purchase money, really has an impact on our lives as farmers,” said Farmer and Co-Founder of the East Denver Food Hub Roberto Meza.

City Park Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. through October 30th. More information at

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