Monsoon storms return on Sunday, however the focus shifts a bit to the west – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Saturday brought another round of slow afternoon thunderstorms to Colorado with flash flood problems on burn scars in the area. We’ll see more storms on Sunday, but the focus will shift more to the west and southwest of Colorado.

Just because the focus is shifting west doesn’t mean the storm risk will be zero in places like Denver and the Front Range, but it will be much less compared to the last few days.

Sunday temperatures will remain several degrees below normal in most of the state thanks to a cold front that has taken hold. The humidity in the air will remain relatively high for this part of the country, so it may feel a bit “damp” to you when you are outside.

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Looking ahead, we will see more monsoons and storms at least until Tuesday as the focus is again nationwide. As of Wednesday and Thursday, the state will experience warmer and drier weather, and it looks like that should last until the coming weekend.

We’ll continue to see some air quality issues in parts of Colorado for the remainder of the weekend. Forest fire smoke is an issue in parts of Routt County and the eastern plains. A warning of high ozone levels near the surface was issued along urban corridor I-25 between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

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