MSU Denver Meals Pantry helps college students in want

The Roadrunner Food Pantry is now open and looking for a community to come together to replenish the needs for students.

MSU Denver Epic Peer Leader and Student Assistant of the Food Pantry stores the pantry after a meal drive. Photo by Rhonda Bonner | [email protected]

The pantry was closed during the pandemic but has reopened its doors to serve students who have faced food insecurities throughout their college years. The pantry accepts food, hygiene and monetary donations.

“Money items are accepted too, and they’re great because we can use them to meet needs we may be missing and fill in the gaps,” said Natassa Christides, MSU Denver Graduate Intern in Case Management and MSU Denver Food pantry.

“With the pandemic and everything else, there are students and families who are needy or unemployed,” said Rebecca Hefty, senior peer mentor at MSU Denver for the Community Support Focus Group.

According to Hefty, the students are more focused on how they will bring the food to the table, disrupting their studies in their academic career, which started the initiative to organize a food campaign.

Everyone on campus can benefit from the pantry. A student just needs to go to the pantry with their student ID and use whatever they need.

“I feel that these basic needs must be met before you can be a good student,” said Christides.

MSU Denver previously organized food campaigns to educate students with food insecurities at home. MSU Denver asks students and faculty for donations when they can.

“To be successful academically and in the classroom, you have to meet your basic needs, and those are the basic needs,” said Dr. Stone in an interview with Lisa Albert for Timely MD.

The basic needs are diverse and the MSU Denver is inclusive with all of its students. Individuals who donate items have access to the pantry with MSU to see what is needed if they want to make sure they get items that are needed more urgently.

In addition to the items mentioned, Hefty said, as winter approaches, students may need items to stay warm, such as hats, gloves, and coats.

According to Miguel Huerta, coordinator of the Epic Scholars Program at MSU Denver Student Care Center and Roadrunners Food Pantry, needs assessments are being conducted by a group of graduate students from the nutrition department.

“I’m just thinking about what the students want and how we can meet certain nutritional needs. More will follow and I’m always open to any feedback people might have, ”said Huerta.

According to Huerta, the survey will help identify student needs and hopefully bring the community together to meet those needs.

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