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DENVER (CBS4) – The Metropolitan State University of Denver announced this week that it will be offering its own vaccination incentive to students enrolled for courses this fall, with a scholarship drawing that pays up to a year of tuition and fees for five students. Eligible entrants must register for the competition and agree to receive at least one dose by a specified deadline, and the university will confirm that the winners have been vaccinated.

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“The creation of this scholarship program really sends a message that we care about the safety and health of our students,” said Mary Sauceda, vice president of enrollment management at MSU Denver. “We care about our staff and our faculty and we just want to make sure we have a safe fall.”
Five undergraduate students will receive the Rowdy Return Scholarship when they have completed at least one dose of the three approved COVID-19 vaccines. The scholarships cover tuition and fee costs not covered by their grants for the 2021-22 academic year, which is up to $ 8,164 for two semesters.

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“It just creates more opportunities,” said Benjamin Powell, a junior at MSU Denver who studies criminal justice.

He has been vaccinated and has signed up for the scholarship raffle: “You are trying hard to inspire people, especially now during this pandemic, money is a little tight for everyone.”

Eligible students must complete a confirmation form by July 19 and receive their first dose if they are not already fully vaccinated. They also have to register for the fall and fill in the necessary funding forms for the coming school year. The university says this program will not only maintain awareness of the COVID-19 vaccines, but will expand its efforts to make MSU education more accessible to the community. Sauceda says the four-year college is already the cheapest of all in the front range.

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“It’s a brand new day for us, we’re returning to our new normal, which will be this fall,” she told CBS4 in a video conference on Friday. “The way it is safe and will keep our community healthy is when people are vaccinated.”

Powell says the low cost of the course was a huge draw for him when he chose MSU Denver. He values ​​the university is doing more to make its education cheaper and to keep the community safe. He already has ideas on how to spend the money he could save in the case of the scholarship. MSU Denver will select another student if a winner has already covered all tuition and fees for that year.

“I miss the human connection that personal learning involves, so I’m excited about it. The vaccine gives us the ability to do this safely, ”he said in a video conference on Friday.

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The five winners will have their vaccinations checked against the state’s vaccination database before receiving their awards. Students still have time to register when they register for classes in the fall. Anyone considering attending MSU Denver in the next semester can still submit their application and, if approved, enter the competition before the deadline. The drawing will take place after August 1st.

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