New Colorado resident thinks authorized weed is dear, dry, and boring


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Dear Stoner: When I moved here, I thought I was in grassy skies. But now I let go of a big yawn. Snaxland is good, but what then? I’ve had Cherry, Maleks, Antero, Clearwater, Bloom, Veritas, and more. Prices keep going up, but not quality as they lack terpenes and are usually too dry. Do I have to learn how to grow?

Dear Ethan: Why don’t you learn how to grow when you have the resources? You may not have that right forever. But I’d rather raise my own chickens and grow my own carrots, and that doesn’t happen in a Denver apartment. Luckily there is a weed shop right across from my King Soopers, and I’m not a total weed snob.

Ask a stoner: Colorado weed is expensive, dry, and bland

You have a couple of good points in your curse word: There’s no denying that Colorado grass has a drought problem, that prices are rising and falling (lately, according to seasonal trends and state data), and that all growers are black in the market or legal, have strains that don’t develop the way they imagined, but that rarely stops them from dumping those disappointments. But you want to fail by just looking for hyped brands and you throw a lot of talented breeders under the bus there. Look for in-house pharmacies, don’t buy weed for $ 60 an eighth in a brightly colored container and get off your high steed. Cannabis can always get better, but there’s no shortage of heat out here.

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Herbert Fuego is the resident stoner at Westword ready to answer any of your marijuana questions.

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