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Maybe it’s because everyone is distracted by the all-star game coming to town, but it’s been a pretty quiet week for the food scene. A big winner: fried chicken.

The local roast chicken, The Post, has been expanded into a unique location: a farm building that once housed Stanley Steam Engines on the grounds of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The addition is part of a series of upgrades to the hotel in recent years and is the fifth post.

Another breed of roast chicken opened down in Centennial on July 7th. WingWok is a concept by former Garbanzo CEO James Park and a predominantly Korean management team. It specializes in “twice-fried, gluten-free Korean Fried Chicken Miracles,” which come in a variety of formats from sandwiches and burritos to bowls, alongside traditional Korean side dishes like kimchee, white pickled radish, and seaweed salad.

At the Zeppelin station, Paul Qui added KoKo Ni to the room that used to be the Big Trouble upstairs bar. Qui arrived at the opening of Soy Pinoy at the Zeppelin station in July 2020 after a public relations campaign that included a public apology outlining the details of his “reparation”. He was also recently announced as the lead guest at the Spero Recovery Center Gala 2021, so it seems he’s stuck with sobriety. And good food.

Dry Land Distillers has opened a new distillery and tasting room in a historic 1914 building on Main Street in Longmont, where you can enjoy cocktails made with their award-winning spirits. And in Boulder, License No. 1 drinks again in the historic Hotel Boulderado. But Shine, known for his potions and positivity, said goodbye on July 9th with a final dance party.

Here is the full list of restaurant and bar openings and closings on Metro Denver this week:

The Post is also opening a new location on Labor Day weekend in Fort Collins.

The Post is also opening a new location on Labor Day weekend in Fort Collins.

With the kind permission of the post office

Restaurants and bars open this week. *

Dry Land Distillers, 519 Main Street, Longmont
KoKo Ni, 3501 Wazee Street
The Post Chicken & Beer, 33-D East Wonderview Avenue, Estes Park
WingWok, 7530 South University Boulevard, Centennial

Restaurants and bars open again this week. *

License No. 1, 2115 13th Street, Boulder

Restaurants and bars are closing this week. *

Shine, 2480 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder

* Or earlier and not yet listed.

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Molly Martin is Westword’s Food & Drink Editor. She has been writing about the Denver dining scene since 2013 and has been eating her way around town long before that. She enjoys long walks to the nearest burrito place and spends nights sipping cocktails on Colfax.

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