New Yr’s Eve Every day Restaurant Specials to assist us ring in Denver in 2021

Sushi Den’s triple bento box vacation offering in Denver includes sushi, sashimi, izakaya menu items, and dessert. (Provided by Sushi Den)

Everyone will be commenting on this story and anyone else who provides information about meals available at a number of Denver restaurants. The reader will say something like, “This is too expensive; learn to cook at home. ”Although I disagree with both premises, the point is really elsewhere.

As we close 2020 in Colorado, nearly 80% of restaurants are considering closing their doors permanently, according to the Colorado Restaurant Association. These companies laid off more than 60,000 workers last year. Without government help, local restaurant owners and workers can do one thing to stay afloat: make us food.

So here are 10 companies that are vacationing cooking for you.

Bar dough offers a New Year’s Eve dinner “grandmother’s table” in its heated individual greenhouses. The Piedmont-inspired food is multi-course ($ 95 per person) and ends with truffles.

The bookbinding has several options for New Years Eve at home including oyster and lobster dinners, short rib dinners, and pierogi dinners ($ 49- $ 360). Or you can order a New Year’s brunch spread with bagels and salmon, duck hash, chilaquiles and more.

The Curtis Hotel offers the King Room for one night, champagne, hot chocolate and a table for two with dinner served by local restaurants Urban Farmer and Tamayo. The entire package starts at $ 279 and includes a self-guided walking tour of downtown Denver’s Parade of Lights.

The New Years Eve Package of Roast Chicken and Champagne from Morin, a French restaurant in Denver that was closed during shutdown except for special occasions. (Provided by Morin)

Morin brings back its “Buckets and Bubbs” special with roast chicken and champagne for New Year’s Eve. You pay $ 16 to $ 34 for a five- to ten-piece chicken pail, then add your choice of Brut or a Miller High Life six-pack and a la carte side dishes like macaroni and cheese gratin, Parker House rolls, chicken liver mousse, and caviar .

Noble uprising wants you to “take a sharp item with you into 2020,” said co-owner Scott Mattson. The natural wine bar organizes a virtual saber or saber course on New Year’s Eve at 9.30 p.m. The cost is US $ 59 per person and includes a bottle of sparkling wine, a “weapon” for saber cutting, and live virtual lessons. Additions of more wine, fried chicken and lobster mac and cheese to take away and bake are also available.

Olivia restaurantThe three-course New Year’s Eve dinner starts at $ 75 per person for three courses, including lobster spaghetti, braised pork shoulder, and pineapple tart tatin. You can add a traditional caviar service of champagne ($ 195) or champagne cocktails ($ 35 for two).

root in Broomfield offers two versions of a retro Gatsby vacation menu. The first offers a Waldorf salad, croquettes, beef Wellington, an imperial cocktail and a bite or tiramisu. The second offers all-vegan versions of these options ($ 70 or $ 90).

Sushi Den Chef Toshi Kizaki has created a special bento box that can be ordered between Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a lead time of 48 hours. The Triple Bento combines sushi, sashimi, seafood, izakaya menu items, and dessert for two for around $ 140 (market price, varies from day to day).

TavernetteNew Year’s Eve party kit includes a bottle of Dom Perignon 2009, black truffle butter, and Parmigiano Reggiano popcorn, and party items for four ($ 185). You can add it to an already fancy meal from the restaurant.

The tailor of the wolf gives you a take-and-bake bo ssam (slow-roasted Korean pork shoulder and side dishes) to celebrate the end of 2020. The meal for two to four people consists of bo ssam, half smoked chicken, Szechuan pork belly, smoked brisket, Bibb salad, 12 bao rolls, a sauce set, a set with fried rice, miso kimchi Stew and a cucumber platter ($ 125).

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