Police are investigating after a person stated he was crushed outdoors his Denver condo

DENVER – An elderly man says he was scared of living in his own house after being beaten outside his Denver apartment.

David Gunn, 71, said the incident happened outside his apartment in the Denver Housing Authority’s Quigg Newton Homes complex Tuesday night.

“It terrified me as hell,” said Gunn. “I’m afraid to live there anymore.”

Gunn has lived in the complex for a little over three years. He recently decided to speak to property management after being bombarded by loud parties.

“The manager said she would like me to put it on a tape. Then she can see who is doing it and then we can act on it,” he said.

On Tuesday night, Gunn said he was using his cell phone in his doorway to record what he saw outside and things were headed south.

“Two guys walk up to her and say, ‘You’re not filming us’ and walk up to me. They grabbed me and threw me on the sidewalk. My head sank and today I found that there was a crack around my eye socket “said Gunn.

For almost two minutes, Gunn said five men and two women were standing over him, beating and biting him. Once he said someone pulled a knife.

“I thought this is it [I’m going to dying],” he said.

Gunn said he could finally tear himself away and go back in and call 911. When the officers arrived, Gunn was taken to the hospital.

“I was in the hospital until 7am the next morning. I’m going … my God, I’m happy I’m alive. They wanted to kill me,” he said.

The Denver Police Department has confirmed to Denver7 that there is an open and active investigation into the incident. No arrests have been made to date.

The Denver Housing Authority shared the following statement:

Mr. Gunn was in an argument with visitors to the property. DHA staff are working with the police and witnesses to determine what happened and how to proceed.
In addition, we will be engaging the Resident Council Board and the Police Department to discuss ongoing security initiatives for the benefit of the community. Many Thanks.

Denver7 has requested a record of police reports filed at the Quigg Newton Homes complex since January. This information has not yet been made available.

The Denver7 Gives Fund brings Gunn to a hotel for the next few days.

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